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Black bin blues

As I was waiting for Helen to pick me up this morning, I saw Anthony from flat 1 popping out to dump his rubbish in the black bin. Except he couldn't, because someone had swiped our bin from the front garden during the night/early morning. Again. Our bin got nicked from the front garden just a few weeks ago. And the blue bin about a month ago. I had a quick look round in the morning, but couldn't see it.

When I got dropped off this evening, I made a more thorough search. I'd marked the new bin by writing the house number on with the most convenient thing to hand, which was a broadtipped black marker pen. Not very obvious on a 'black' bin, but the pen was blacker and shinier. I found the bin neatly lined up with a couple of others outside the little block of three flats about 6 doors down. I dragged the bin back and got out this little tin of yellow paint I've had for years. It wasn't really fit to use, but once I'd pierced the leathery skin on top, I managed to get something I could use for painting numbers on bins. I couldn't be bothered to use a paintbrush, which would need cleaning, so pulled off one of the big leathery leaves of something the landlord planting in the garden, and used the stalk.
  So black bin and both blue bins are now obviously makred with the house number, so hopefull that will deter bin theives in the future, as it will be blindingly obvious who's stolen the bin if it goes AWOL.

Just to add to the joy, I discovered that after a lapse of a couple of week, the bastard from the Cluster project dumped rubbish like plastic wrappers, tea bags and orange peel in one of our blue bins last night. So on Mon I'll have to phone the manager, Danny, and complain again. This is the fourth time it's happened.

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