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Park Life and pies

Busy day yesterday. Did some gardening in the afternoon, letting the cats having a wander outside while I worked. The goth fern is growing so I potted it up. It arrived as a tiny thing, and rather worryingly appeared to be a normal green fern, with red stems, which would make it Lady In Red, not Ursula's Red, as the label claims it to be. However, as it's started to grow, the older and larger fronds seem to be changing colour, and are turning silvery. So wait and see how it turnes out.

With it being sunny and nice, I decided to take a walk round the park. Crookes Valley Park was very busy - looked more like a Saturday than a Thursday afternoon. I wonder how many people had thought 'it's too nice to go to work today', and had pulled a sickie. Lots of students sunning themselves, joggers, several fishermen and parents with children. As I was walking around the boating lake, I passed two men who had a birdcage with them, and two lovebirds inside. I've heard of someone who used to take his pet python for a drag round the park, but not seen anyone talking their cagebirds to the park before, The cherry trees are in flower, and it was lovely to see the park being so well used and appreciated. With all the restoration work being done on the Crookes Valley Parks, it would be great to see boats on the boating lake again.
  I enjoyed the walk, but it got a bit painful, as after last Saturday's walking, I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot.

Had a nap when I got in, and not long after I'd got up again, Gary phoned to ask if I wanted to go shopping. So, half an hour later, we were on our way to the big Asda in Handsworth. Somewhat to our own surprise, we managed to get round in it a shade under three hours. This may partly have been because I was feeling a bit feeble after the afternoon's exercise, and limping on the right leg and aching in the left. So I din't want to spend so long looking at stuff as usual. I've stocked the store cupboards, fridge and freezer. I have some nice cider to drink, a pork and scrumpy pie to eat, Double Gloucester with onions and chives and other good stuff. Didn't get any  scotch pies, as they seem to have stopped stocking them (boo) or any of the  Goblin tinned meat puddings, that I'm partial to. They had the steak and kidney, but not the meat puddings in the little red tin.
  I also spent £4 on the DVD of 'Kung fu Hustle', and bought myself a cheap gym ball.

With Thurs being so busy, and the trip to Cresswell Crags with Ven and Helen tomorrow, thought I'd stay at home today and rest.

Foot still hurts though.


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10th May, 2008 04:17 (UTC)
Oooh, plantar faciitis is not fun. My mom got it a while ago -- in both feet -- and she's essentially had to give up all shoes that aren't sneakers blah blah blah. Hope yours gets well soon!
10th May, 2008 09:00 (UTC)
Both feet ! Ouch - one foot's bad enough, but both feet.

Thanks for the get well.
10th May, 2008 13:52 (UTC)
No problem. Have you seen a pediatrist?
10th May, 2008 04:26 (UTC)
so that's what's up with my foot at times, I know the achilles tendo n exercise helps but noting more
10th May, 2008 09:03 (UTC)
Glad to be of help in diagnosis.

I'll have to add extra physio excercises for that to the ones I already do for my shoulders/back and legs.
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