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I heard you the first time

Regular beeps that started an hour ago were tracked down to the kitchen, specifically to the smoke alarm there. According to the instruction leaflet I unearthed, it needs a new battery. It's wired into the mains, but has a battery as back up. I happen to have the right size of battery available. However changing it is going to be a nuisance right now.

I'll need to get out the stepladder to reah it for a start. I have to turn off the power supply first, which is a potential problem. The control box downstairs has a key which is marked 'off', but this doesn't do anything whatsoever. I may have to try  turning off the fuse circuit the alarms are connected to - at least I assume they are, but don't know which one. I just don't fancy faffing around at this time of night.

Also, I need to use the test facility when I've got the new battery inserted. It shouldn't last long, but it will be loud, and is an uncivilized thing to be doing at around midnight. I'm fairly certain that the neighbours in the flat below are away tonight, and flat 1 may be empty too, as it the terrace next door. Still, I don't want to worry anybody.

So, as Skiffle says, I'll do it tomorrow, and do my best to ignore the beeping in the meantime.


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