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I was looking out of the window around lunchtime and spotted the landlord outside, talking into his mobile,. So, naturally, I opened the window a little way to see if he was talking about anything to do with the house. I think he was talking to someone he was supposed to be meeting, because he went up to a silver car parked nearby and waved at the driver. Driver was a smartly dressed young man, who got out and spoke to landlord. I heard the landlord say he'd been away all weekend, so hadn't spoken to the tenants yet. SmartYoungMan queried that the house was divided into four flats, and landlord told him there were three in the main part of the building, and a basement flat accessed at the back. They went down the alley at the side and spent a few minutes round the back, before returning and going their separate ways.

I could be wrong, but from the snatches of conversation, I don't think SmartYoungMan was a prospective tenant. Has Landlord decided to get an agent to run the place ? He started out by using one, but dispensed with their services after a year or two. Has landlord decided it's all too much expense/hassle, and decided to sell the house ? I guess I shall have to wait and see.

In completely unrelated news, I've completed a new Star Wars, which more or less answers jaded_reality's Wedge/Tycho LotF challenge. It's in the Adult lounge at Downtime. It's angst, but I thought you needed something nice in your life at the moment, so I wrote a story.


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6th May, 2008 18:46 (UTC)
From the snippets you've mentioned, it sounds like he may be thinking of selling. But if it is for a management company, that would be okay too. Either way, you'll probably benefit because nearly anyone would be better than the guy you've been dealing with! Maybe things will get fixed on a more timely basis!

And, correct me if I'm wrong, even if it does get sold, it doesn't mean your rent would be increased since it's council controlled.
6th May, 2008 21:29 (UTC)
Current landlord is the third one I've had since moving here 20 years ago. In both cases of the house being sold, the first I knew about it was finding a 'for Sale' notice in the front garden.

From a legal point of view, it makes no difference to me if the place is sold. I retain my protected tenancy, the fair rent, the right not to pay a deposit and the right to keep cats. It's a nuisance having to convince a new landlord of all this, as my situation is rather unusual. From a landlord's point of view, I'm the inconvenient, immovable Thing In The Attic.

How's your house hunting going ?
6th May, 2008 21:49 (UTC)
Heheh, I like your description of yourself...that's funny! Although, they should be glad you're immovable because it means that they'll always have some money coming in for it. I'm not sure how that stuff all works for the UK, but does the council make up the difference over what you would pay in rent so that the landlord is also treated fairly? Or at least a portion of that?

House hunt is going! Thanks for asking. We found yet another house (already foreclosed on and owned by the bank) and have placed a bid and should know something this week. As of 3pm today, we had the highest bid, so it's looking good. The best part is it's in the neighborhood we really want AND it's the model we absolutely love and the basement is mostly finished so it's ready for me to move my studio in right away. It's a gorgeous house. If we get the contract, I'll post pics and stuff. If we do get the contract, we still have to go through the inspection process and finalizing financing and stuff (which got all messed around with because banks are freaking out!! So while we're now pre-qualified for the mortgage, we're not pre-approved like we were before.) Can I just say this stuff is SO dang stressful! OI!

The last house we put an offer in on still is in limbo well over a month later and the bank hasn't actually even seen any of the offers yet! Since this particular bank took over the loan from the previous bank on April 1st, they haven't bothered to assign a case worker to it so the feeling is that the house will probably go into foreclosure and then any offers put in will be negated anyway. So the listing agent suggested we keep looking but he'd hang onto our offer just in case.

Even though you're renting, I sort of envy you because it is what it is and it won't change. I hate being in limbo! It makes it feel like life is completely in upheaval!
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