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Culture Vulture

I went to Weston Park museum first, to meet Ven in time for the opening of the Space Age exhibition there. The special visitors from a galaxy far, far away, were re-entactors dressed as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, a Scout trooper and one TIE Pilot. Top-notch costumes, and they posed happy for photos after the official opening. One little girl found Darth Vader scary, and started crying but most of the kids loved them. One of two of the Stormtroopers weren't quite as toned as you'd hope for in an elite soldier, and had noticable beer bellies. The exhibition was very crowded, but had some great stuff. I kept thinking how much astro_the_nut would have liked it. Everything from 50's space toys to a Cosmonauts' suit on display. It'll be worth going back when it's less crowded, and I can take my time.

After that, Ven and I wandered back to Harcourt Road to visit one of the artists in Open Up Sheffield - Philippa French. Neither of us was particularly struck by her rather abstract paintings, but we got to peek around her house. As it's just a few doors up the road from me, I've seen it from the outside often enough, so it was fascinating to see the inside. Lot of period 20's/30's features, interesting cubby holes and she had some lovely Arts and Crafts furniture and some nice glassware on display. Downstairs was another artists, who is a spinner and knitter. We watched her work and admired the things she'd made from homespun and dyed yarn.

After this, we had a break sitting on my garden wall in the sun, and had a snack, then went into town. We pottered about the Cathedral, but the artist exhibiting there wasn't open today. So we wandered down to the Quarter Bar, so see Wendy Carlton's work. These were glorious big, bold flower studies, that Ven and I both loved. She bought a print and I bought three cards.

We next wandered along the continental market, where I got some lovely biscuits from the stall nearest the cathedral, paella (to eat today), syrup waffles, and marzipan cakes. So, well stock with fattening things, but they will last me a good while. We then caught a bus to Sharrowvale, to see a couple more exhibitions that way. Very helpful bus driver gave very confusing directions for the road we wanted. "See that junction ? You want the road opposite, then the opposite one."
 We trekked some way up hill, only to find that the artist we wanted to visit wasn't showing that day. Another walk (both of us fading rapidly and needing to sit on garden walls to recover), and made it to the Edge 10 studios. One exhibitor had jewellery made from leaves and flower petals laminated in clear plastic. We thought it was pretty but overpriced. The other artist was a painter - big textured pictures of the Peaks, especially Stannington Edge, and of Sheffield cityscapes. We both liked those, the way he captured light was excellent and the use of texture in the paint was very good.

After this, we took a taxi back to Ven's, where her other half had been phoned and told to put the shepard's pie in the oven. So lovely, homemade shepard's pie and veg for tea, followed by a rather non-continental bakewell tart that Ven had got from the continental market. After that, we watched Dr Who, chatted and showed one another photos on line. I eventually got home around 11.20, absolutely shattered. I seem to have developed a tender lump on the sole of my right foot, which didn't help with mobility at the end of the day. Oh, well, I'm seeing the doc on Tues anyway.

Visits to the space Age exhibition, and artists taking aprt in the Open Up Sheffield exhibition.

All in all, a very good day. And it was sunny, too, for which I am grateful.



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4th May, 2008 20:49 (UTC)
That does sound really cool. It's always fun to see how sci-fi pop culture influences space exploration and vice versa.

*Is jealous*
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