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Ups ands downs

Bit of a mixed day, Monday. My telly was returned first thing in the morning. Didn't get around to unpacking it until the afternoon, and discovered they'd forgotten to return the power lead. Phoned LG who blamed Invec for not packing it, and then asked "Weren't you told not to return any of the accessories ?". No, I said firmly. I got a promise that Invec would return it but as I was talking, I recalled that the input was a familiar 2 pin arrangement, and that it's actually a dual purpose tv/monitor. So had a rummage in the random cable collection and found a spare monitor power cable that's doing the job nicely.
 Got tv, freeview, dvd and video all talking nicely to one another, and telly is responding to remote. Let's hope it lasts.

Got a call from the doctor of the ms drug trial Mon morning re the blood tests done last week as part of my monthly visit to clinic. Seems my blood count is down, so he wanted me to have another blood test done at local surgery , and had phoned gp about it. GP phoned an hour later to tell me all about it. Couldn't get a word in edgeways to say it had already been explained. Dr was talking about me coming in for blood and talk, and I finally got a chance to tell him I had an appointment with him that afternoon anyway.
   Getting blood out of my veins is increasinly like getting blood from a stone, but more painful. Wasn't looking forward to it, but Dr Sykes did a good job and went surprisingly well. See him again next week for results.
   Actual reason for seeing him was about the red colour on my cheeks, and fact I seem to have same complexion I did at fifteen, if not worse. Turns out to be rosacea. I now have topical gel for that to add to the medicine cabinet. Joy.

Nice Council Officer emailed landlord last week to ask when he's going to get the Economy 7 meter installed for my storage heaters. He emailed me and asked for name of my supplier and account number, so he can arrange for a meter to be fitted. I didn't like the idea of giving him my account details, and nice phone monkey at electricity supplier agreed. After some haggling via email, Landlord will send me a cheque for the cost, I'll arrange it and pay by phone, then send landlord receipt for work.

Landlord also mentioned that he'd asked for an increase in rent from beginning of April. I replied that any change in rent would have to be done through the Fair Rent office, as before. I spoke to them last month, and Landlord hadn't applied to them for an increase in rent, and they reassured me that Landlord can't do a damn thing to rent without going through them.

Answered front door to landlord, who'd shown up with someone to fix modem to new phone socket in hall, as part of plan to equip the house with broadband. Landlord said he'd forgotten his key. I remember him struggling to unlock door a while back, as the lock fitted last autumn does have a bit of a knack to it, Suspect he couldn't manage to unlock it, had to call me to let him in, and doesn't like to admit he couldn't actually unlock the door himself.

Phoned council about the mattress dumped on pavement against wall. They promised to send someone round to look at it. Resisted tempation to say it would be more use to send someone to take it away.

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