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games and plants

I got a new card game in the post this morning - 'Guillotine'. I played this a few times while staying with Twila, and enjoyed it very much. It's the kind of game where you can be crafty, and evil to the other players. It's for up to 5 players, so won't be playing it with the Sunday group too often, so might bring it along to pub sometime.

Had a brief potter in the garden yesterday. The cotoneaster is definitely dead, and will be thrown out, probably when the plants I've ordered arrive.
Hebes seems to thrive in my garden. There's the white flowering one, which arrived as a little thing in a small pot, and now needs hacking back every year, so the bay window can get some sunlight. I have a small pink flowered one that Ven gave me as a cutting, and there's a purple flowered one which came out of nowhere, growing up through the concrete in front of the house. Yesterday I saw what I think is another of the purple ones, growing in the far corner. I might pot that one up, and give away, if anyone wants an evergreen, indestructible purple-flowering hebe ?
I've ordered a new hebe called 'heartbeaker', which has green and cream leaves that turn bright pink in winter !
Ferns also do well, and I've ordered one called 'Ursula's Red', which is a Goth fern. The centre of each frond is dark purple, edged in white, with red stems. It looks fab !
You can look them both up at www.jparkers-radiotimes.co.uk 

I've also ordered another honeysuckle, with yellow/white fragrant flowers, which I'll put at the corner between the front of the garden and the side alley. Oh, and I'll get a free orange-flowered azalea with my order. Never grown one of those before. We'll see how that goes.


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27th Mar, 2007 21:57 (UTC)
Eeee! Squee! Welcome to LJ at long last!

28th Mar, 2007 07:52 (UTC)
the goth fern sounds fabulous! I never have any luck with fancy stuff in my garden - but if you want mint, comfrey or parsley - I'm yer woman! :)
28th Mar, 2007 11:00 (UTC)
Oooo...would you be up for a herb swap if mine get properly going? I'm growing sweet basil, thai basil, sweet marjoram and chives atm, but can do rosemary or sage cuttings too...
10th Apr, 2007 14:21 (UTC)
I love Guillotine. And I think we've played it with more than 5, we just dealt out fewer cards per hand.
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