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Hebe jeebies

My study schedule got derailed this afternoon. I paused to look out of the window and realized it was a warm, sunny day, and felt like going outside. I briefly considered going for a walk in the park, then opted to do some gardening instead. The cats came out with me, wandered around and sunbathed.

I knew the potentilla needed to be thrown out, and after examination, declared the lavendar to be dead as well, and threw the corpse away. A shame, as I love lavendar and now don't have any. The main task, however, was to complete the taming of the great white hebe bush, which had got taller than I am, which I consider rude. I hacked away a chunk of it the other week while waiting in vain for someone to come and collect my telly. I went at it again with the secateurs and cut off enough to make a decent sized plant on its own. I also trimmed back the purple hebe that came up through the concrete, and tidied up the viegla. I then removed all last year's dead stalks from the assorted ferns, clearing space and light for the new growth, and hacked back some of the ivy which tops one wall. I suspect that if I did nothing in the front garden, it would be a fight-to-the-death battleground between the ivy and the great white hebe. My money would be on the ivy.

When planting out last autumn, I found some lily of the valley bulbs struggling under the black groundcloth that the landlord put down a few years ago to supress weeds (wishful thinking on his part). I moved them so they weren't under the covering, and they've come up now. Not as well developed as the other lily of the valley, which has been growing happily by the honeysuckle for a few years, but if not this year, then next year I suspect they'll be just fine.

I carried most of the debris down the ginnel into the back garden and dumped it there. After which I came in, fed the cats, and slept for nearly an hour.  Then just enough time to check emails, do a little tidying up and make a cheese sandwich to eat while watching Dr Who.


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