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Customer Dissatisfaction Survey

Thanks to nigelh and dakegra for jinxing the succesful return of my telly.

I answered the door at 9:30 this morning, to courier who had my telly, in its box, waiting on my doorstep. Unfortunately, some idiot at Invec Solutions (who handle LG Electronic's deliveries and collections) had labelled it as being in the 'swapit' programme. The driver was expecting to pick up the item that was being swapped, and with it being in the system as such, he couldn't just leave it. I had to sign his datapad to say he'd been, and then he picked up my telly from my front doorstep and took it away.


Phoned LG, who blamed Invec, who apologized, amended the error, and suggested calling the actual courier, Parceline. It was now only 9:50 but apparently there was no way the driver, with my telly already in his van, could deliver it to me today. He had timed deliveries to make, between 12 and 2, and couldn't possibly find time to redeliver at any point, as it would make other deliveries late. I pointed out that when I'd been waiting for it to be collected, I'd been told the courier might come any time between 9:00am and 7:00pm. So how come everyone else was supposedly expecting the courier at specific times ? No adequate answer - apparently the driver would redeliver today if he could, but somehow that was impossible in spite of having eight hours to do it in.  I complained, and said that Tesco's ran a better delivery service than Parceline.

My options were a) to collect the telly from their depot either when the driver had finished for the day, or on Saturday. Said depot is in Chapeltown,  so this isn't  realistic without having a car (and besides, they're  being paid to deliver it to me.  Why should I have to collect it ?)
b) pay to have it delivered on Saturday (it's not my fault it wasn't delivered today, and I'm not paying to have it delivered).
c) Go without until Monday, then spend the day waiting for delivery.

c) was the only remotely acceptable choice, but I have a doctors appointment in the afternoon. And one with the asthma nurse on Tues. Which would mean next Wednesday would be the first day I could be in all day to recieve the redelivery. That's six days after the date it was supposed to be returned.. After making my opinion of this forcefully known, Parceline man agreed that they would deliver Monday morning, and that the courier would phone to let me know roughly when he would be arriving. We shall see.

When I'd been speaking to the guy at LG earlier, I'd remembered to ask for the name of the person in charge of customer services. Telephone bloke sounded puzzled by this, but gave me a name, and added that customer service manager didn't speak to customers (!). I said that was OK as I intended to write to him. Spent a chunk of the afternoon detailing the chain of foul-ups and broken promises in this mess, (helpfully recorded on this lj, so I chould check the gory details), and pointed out the stress it has caused, plus the time wasted and money involved in making repeated, lengthy phone calls. Told him I knew some of the errors had been caused by Invec and Parceline, but these are LG's contractors, and so I hold LG ultimately responsible. Posted the letter on my way to the pub this evening, where I got some much-needed company and cheer.



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26th Apr, 2008 05:41 (UTC)
if you need us to we can collect it and at least get it to our house on Monday then arrange a lift to you?

we're 5 mins walk from that depot

when we're home

which I will be, eatrly Saturday

and what's one more box anyway....
26th Apr, 2008 12:15 (UTC)
Thanks for that. Probably a bit late in the day now, anyway, and besides, they're being paid to deliver it to me, so they can damn well do it.
26th Apr, 2008 17:50 (UTC)
What a pain in the proverbial!

Does the UK have a version of the Better Business Bureau? Somewhere national with local chapters that allow you to place consumer complaints? If so, I would definitely threaten to report them to that agency! Many times here, just the threat of it can spur the company to action. As can the threat of getting a lawyer involved. Of course any threats do need to be backed up by action if necessary, but it's good to know that an agency like the BBB will go to bat for you and get you just compensation and warn others (if they choose to do the research before purchase).

I really hope this gets straightened out and that your TV is in perfect working order and you don't have any further issues with it!
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