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Halfway there.

Well, I now have heaters permanently installed throughout the flat. There are small, wall-mounted fan heaters in the kitchen and bathroom. I think both could have been positioned better, but never mind.They won't be the cheapest things, but the kitchen is tiny, so won't need to run it for too long at a time, and the bathroom one will at least warm the room, though it would be nice to a bathroom that's already warm if I'm just popping in for a pee.

Bedroom and games room now have storage heaters installed, like the one in the living room. I can't really use them until the cheap rate meter is installed, and heaven only knows when that's happening. So in the meantime, I still have the portable heaters cluttering up the floor space. And as the heater in the bedroom was wall-mounted, and removed to be replaced with storage heater, there's no currently usable heater in the bedroom unless I transport one back and forth from one of the other rooms. Fortunately, the weather's warming up a bit, so heating is less of an urgent issue.

The electrician and his mate (called Nobby) were quite obliging about moving some furnitiure around, in spite of the landlord's sniffy comments about me being so inconsiderate as to actually have stuff in my flat. I have pony books piled about the living room, as I want to try and tighten up that wobbly bookcase before I put the books back. What with the kitchen and bedroom doors being left open (cats not allowed in those room). and floorboards being taken up, I shut the cats in the living room, which wasn't being worked on, with a litter tray, and spent most of the day in there with them. As the electricians seemed to be drilling thorugh the tough walls with no real problem, I asked if they'd do me a favour by putting up the small shelf in the kitchen. It's a little wooden shelf that got taken down when the kitchen was refitted, and I never put it back, mostly because it's so damn tough drilling into the walls. The big tiles behind the counter-top meant it had to be put a little higher than I really wanted, but hey - I really want that extra storage space.

Order is mostly restored, but the games room isn't back in shape yet. The only place for the heater was against the wall where the sewing machine table goes. You're not supposed to put furniture 'close to or against the heaters'. There's nowhere else to put the sewing table, and it''s a metal frame with chipboard, laminated top. It won't trap heat between itself and the heater, and isn't liable to catch fire easily, so should be OK reasonably close, and I can pull it further away when I'm using it (which isn't often), and take care that nothing drapes over the heater if it's on.

A rather busy and tiring day today, and clinic tomorrow. At least I get a free taxi ride home from the hospital.


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