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I don't belieeeeve it !

Putting a bit of cardboard in the blue bin this afternoon - discovered bin had been filled with rubbish from the Cluster Project at 118 again. I complained to the projact manager (and returned two bags of rubbish to him) last week, and he promised he'd get this stopped. So today I phoned him and told him it had happened again.
  He said it might be the tenants who live above the offices, but I told him the letters in the bin were clearly addressed to the project, and included stuff like a printed sheet of everyone's mobile numbers (which I'd kept, just in case). Danny (the manager) couldn't' think why anyone would go out of their way to dump project rubbish in my bin. I pointed out that this was the third time, and it had to be deliberate - probably someone annoyed after I returned their rubbish the first time and now being spiteful. He didn't like that idea, but apologized again and said he'd look into it,
  I asked him to send someone to retrieve the rubbish (I wouldn't mind so much if they'd used the black bin, instead of dumping plastic and food remains in the paper/cardboard bin). I've emptied the bins twice already, and don't see why I should have to keep clearing up their mess. I hadn't been done when I went out this evening, If it's still there tomorrow afternoon, I'll call him again.

I do not need this petty stress. It's not good for me.


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23rd Apr, 2008 00:01 (UTC)

If you need someone to just *pick the bin up and empty that shit right back in their front yard*, just ask...

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