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What a load of rubbish

So, yesterday, I found that the swine from 118 who'd been dumping rubbish in our bins, had done it again. A whole load of office papers, orange peel, tea pags, pens, staples, plastic wrappers etc, all in the blue (paper and card only) bin. One of the letters indicated that the South Yorkshire Housing Association are their landlords, so I phoned to complain and find out about who lives there. One of the SYHA's housing projects is based at 118, and I was assured that the manager was approachable, and I should talk to him. It was too late in the day to do so then, so it had to wait until today.

So today I packed their rubbish into 2 large bins bags and went to confront them. I'd been stressing about this on and off overnight but dumping rubbish in my bin again, after specifically being asked not to, is just spiteful. The manager was in, and I carried by bags of rubbish into his office, and explained what had been happening. He was very apologetic, and promised to look into the problem. He brought the rubbish back out to put in their own bins and I pointed out where my house is - the other side of the round and about six houses up. Whoever had dumped the rubbish in my bins could have found somewhere closer.  (preferably, their own bins).
  There's only a handful of people working at the project, so I'm sure the manager will be able to find out who's responsible. He seemed a decent bloke, who understood why I was cross, so I guess someone's going to get told not to do it again. At the very least, the project doesn't need bad publicity from their neighbours, especially with them being a housing project.

Hopefully it won't happen again, but if it does, I know the person at the project to complain to (and have a list of relevent mobile phone humbers that was in my bin - ever heard of security, guys ?) and can go back to SYHA, the body that's funding them.


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