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Of Ice and Men

On Friday, the telly went to meet its maker. The collection guy showed up to take it away for repair. No one had actually told me he was coming that day, so the telly wasn't packed. Fortunately the collection guy was obliging, and it didn't take long to unplug telly, remove stand and pack it in its box, as I've done this twice before recently, and had kept box and packing stuff to hand and ready.
  Wonder when I'll get it back ?

Decided, this afternoon, that I really needed to defrost the fridge. I've known this for some weeks months time now, but as I don't use the freezer compartment in the fridge, it didn't really seem to matter that I couldn't get the door open because of the ice that had crept round the edges and welded it shut. However, having some spare time before D&D, and not actually having much in the fridge right now, I suddenly decided to tackle it.. A well equipped toolbox is a useful thing, and the hammer and chisel removed enough ice that I could get the freezer compartment door open. I hacked away some of the thick coating of ice inside, squirted it with some fridge de-icer from Lakeland and left it to start melting while I went and roleplayed.
   When I got home, the layers of ice had defrosted enough that they came away from the compartment walls in huge chunks. However, there's still ice between the compartment and the plastic, drip tray thingy right underneath it. So this has also been squirted and subjected to blasts from the travel hairdryer. It's likely to take until the morning before it's all gone though.
   In the meantime, although my kitchen ain't that warm, I was wondering if the milk would stay cold enough. Then I remembered the Student Fridge that used to be a common sight around halls of residence in the cooler months. I put the milk in a carrier bag, hooked the bag handles around the handle of the window, and hung the bag outside. The carrier handles are thin enough that the window can be closed, keeping the warmth in, while bag and milk hang outside in the cold. Must be a couple of decades since I last used that trick


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14th Apr, 2008 10:16 (UTC)
Ah, the "Student Fridge" - it's been a fair few years since I've used one of those!
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