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The saga continues

So, after no one came to collect the telly Tues, I did some phoning and cursing, and got promised by the phone guy at LG that he'd put in a request to arrange a third attempted collection date. He said it was too late to try to arrange collection on Wed, but after I harrassed him, he said he would try. In any case, I'd get a call from Parceline on Wed, confirming the date.

Guess what. No phone call. Ended up calling Parceline, Index Solutions and LG in order to sort it out. Turns out the driver had tried to collect on Tues, but they only had the flat number and street name, but not the house number (which is LG's fault). If the driver who'd failed to find the place last week had said what the problem was, it could have been sorted out last Thursday and the second attempt (Tues)would have been OK.  The request for a third attempt that was supposed to have gone through yesterday, hadn't. Parceline told me to arrange it through LG. who then booked it via Index Solutions. Except it takes about 24 hours for a request to be processed, so I won't know when Parceline want to collect it until Thursday.


Telly has been unpacked for the second time, and currently is happily responding to the remote as though there's never been a problem, damn it,

In more cheerful news, I have one, solitary hyacinth flowering brightly in the front garden, and the Goth fern is starting to show signs of life at last. Skiffle was being very cute, chasing a ball of sweet wrapper foil around the living room. I'm currently reading 'The Mickey Mouse Affair', by Barry Norman, which I bought secondhand in Castleton, and enjoying it.


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10th Apr, 2008 02:19 (UTC)
Man, I'd be spitting nails by now and LG would be sending me a new TV! What a pain in the patootie...someone owes you some restitution for lost time at the very least!
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