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Everybody needs good neighbours

Well, today someone was supposed to come and collect my telly to take it for repair. That's the one that should have been collected last Thursday. When no one had shown up by 7:15pm, I called LG. They apologized, forwarded a (second) complaint to the carrier, and arranged for the carrier to contract me tomorrow to arrange a third date. The helpful man on the phone gave me the courier's  phone number, so if they haven't called me by the time I want to go out, I can call them direct and find out who it is who needs a bollocking. Although Parceline are the couriers, LG uses a company called IndexSolutions, and they are the one who actually hire parceline. (Why not just contract a company yourselves, instead of paying a middleman ?) That's now two days where I've spent the best part of 10 hours each time waiting around at home, unable to do things like wash my hair, or pop out to buy bread, in case I need to answer the door at a moment's notice.

While I was waiting around this evening, I went to put some paper in one of our new blue bins. Blue wheelie bins here are for paper and card only. This bin was half full of general household waste, including plastic sandwich boxes, carrier bags and a rotting apple. I swore, assuming it was the new tenant in Flat 1 (even though there's notice in the hall stating the blue bin is for paper and card only). As I made a start on clearing it out, I found letters addressed to someone living a few doors down on the other side of the road. Not just one, but quite a bit of paperwork.
  I emptied the bin's contents into two bin bags, and fastened part of a council letter with the culprit's name and address, plus a tag saying "Don't put your rubbish in other people's bins, and don't put general rubbish in blue bins", to one of the bags. Then I dumped both bags on her doorstep. The only bin visible on her property was a blue bin, with a black rubbish bag beside it (the council won't collect anything not in a bin). If you've lost your bins, phone the council and ask for another, you lazy cow. That's what I've done lately, as both our bins have gone missing from the front garden in the space of a month.

Actually, what annoyed me most about this is not that someone else put some rubbish in our bin, but that they dumped general rubbish in the paper bin. Not only lazy and sneaky, but damned inconsiderate. (and stupid too, leaving evidence of your name and address in the rubbish you've dumped in someone else's bin)



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8th Apr, 2008 23:47 (UTC)
stupid too, leaving evidence of your name and address in the rubbish you've dumped in someone else's bin

People did that to our bin, so we dumped their rubbish on the grass and called the caouncil. It had happened several times before but it hasn't since we did that. I hope they got a hefty fine.
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