Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

wait-y matter

So, yesterday I had my new telly all boxed up an ready to be collected for repair. I was told the courier would arrive between 9 and 5. This means being pretty much ready to answer the door at moment's notice for a span of 8 hours. You don't want to be in the shower when the doorbell rings and you can't pop out for some milk.

So, when nothing's happened by 5:15, I called LG. And got told that the couriers operate until 7:00pm, so not to worry. After some grumbling from me, phonewoman checked the system and said the van was in my area, and would be with me before long. So I went outside (actually warm sunshine), and let the cats wander while I did a little gardening. Trimmed the straggly bits of the honeysuckle and made inroads into the vast hebe.

When it got to 7:20 and still no courier, I called LG again. First I was told that they sometimes don't finish their runs until 8:00pm. I pointed out that it was 2 hours since I'd been told the van was in my area. Phoneman apologized, checked, and saw that courier certainly was scheduled to call today. Not LG's fault that the van didn't show up and he'd said he'd file a complaint with the courier. Who turned out to be Parceline. Film Unit used to have films delivered by Parceline, but ditched them as they were too unreliable (which I related to phoneman). He promised to schedule another date.

So as the telly wasn't going anywhere before the weekend, I unpacked it and set it up again.

Got a message from LG today, saying they've rescheduled for next Tues. So that's another 8-10 hours of HANGING AROUND. In what definition of reality is this considered reasonable.
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