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Doing the Time Warp

Went into town this afternoon to visit bank/give stuff to charity shop/do shopping. I've thought for a little while that 80's fashions are coming back, and today's visit to H&M confirmed it. It was rather like being timewarped back to my teenage years. Clothes seemed to be mostly black, white, grey or bright red and there's a definite return to chunky plastic jewellery. I spotted a red plastic hair clip very reminiscent of one I had when I came to university in 1985. padded shoulders have been creeping back too, I've noticed. Scary.

Got off the 95 at Crookes Valley Park, and as I walked along the pavement, found myself stepping over a rope that stretched across the pavement at a long diagonal. Other people were stepping over it and walking on. The rope was tied to the bus shelter at one end, and to the park railings at the other. It was a plain nuisance at best and a safetly hazard at worst. No one else was doing anything except step over it, so I unfastened it, coiled it up and brought it home. I don't know what jerk thought it was a good idea to leave it there, making a nuisance for anyone with a pram or wheelchair, and a real hazard to the visually impared. Anyway, I now have several metres of lightweight, blue nylon rope, which is free to a good home.

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