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Hanging on the telephone

Which is what I've been doing this afternoon.

Frist call was to the physio service, after filling in a self-referral form from the doctor about the stiff and sore muscles in my shoulder. I was first offered an appointment at the end of April, out in Jordanthorpe. Which is not a convenient bit of Sheffield for me to get to. Once I'd told her where I lived, I was offered an appointment at the Student health Centre, which is much closer to home. That's at the beginning of May. I'd expected to be referred back to the physio clinic at the Hallamshire Hospital, where I went last year, but I guess I need to be referred from within the hospital for that. Might try contacting them directly.

Then phoned Dell about the fact the remote for my new telly  and the telly aren't talking to one another any more. Got through to someone in India, who put me through to someone else in India, who referred me back to Scotland, who said I needed to talk direct to LG who dealt with the problem. A new remote is being sent out to me, and we're sincerely hoping the fault is with the remote, and not the telly.

Then phoned the Fair Rent people as Landlord had emailed me last month to say that he was planning to increase the rent from the beginning of April. The increase isn't that unreasonable, but Fair Rents work in mysterious ways, so I wanted to check, if possible, what they might consider a reasonable increase. Turns out that Landlord hasn't contacted them to apply for an increase in rent..  He can't ask  for an increase without going through them, and they will send me  details of his application if/when he makes one. The rent is paid by standing order, so I'm the only one who  can change the amount paid. So,  as far as I'm concerned, there'll be no changes at the end of the month.

In Other News:
I knew that Diesel likes melon. It turns out she's keen on kiwi fruit too.
I've been watching my complete boxed set of Black Books again. It's a damn good series.
Been revising for Mastermind. The new Russian Prime Minister has a maddening surname.


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19th Mar, 2008 19:31 (UTC)
your landlord sounds like ... well - words fail me!
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