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Of dice and men

It's Triples this weekend; the big wargaming/roleplaying convention run by the Sheffield Wargamers Soc every year, and conveniently held at the students' Union, not far from where I live. I've missed going the last couple of years, and it was nice to be back among the familiar stalls and displays. Triples has taken over even more of the Union this year, with plenty of places where those who know the lie of the land can get in for free.

It's a great opportunity for buying new dice, especially the wierd and colourful. I got an ordinary gem D8, a D8 marked with the eight major points of the compass and a D16. I also got a set of 4D10: one is marked 0-9, next is marked in units of 10 from 10-00, then 100's from 100-000 and the fourth has 1000's from 1,000-0,000. I'm sure they'll come in useful for something....  I also picked up a pretty marbled D6 made into a mobile phone/handbag charm for myself, and a pink D10 version as a present. The brass cigarette tin I've used as my dice box for years won't hold the new dice, so I'm using a small clip-lid preserving jar insead.

I splurged out on buying 'Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, which was recommended a while back by nextian_cutie. It takes up to eight players, which is good for the D&D group. I just hope it's a good as you promised, Twila. Picked up soem figures too - some dogs (including free poodle), figures which should suit a couple of characters from the current campaign, and sweet-talked a stall holder in letting me have a pack of ganger figures which had already been reduced to £5 for just £3, as that was about all I had left. It's been a few years since I last painted anything, so will be interesting to see what condition the paints are in. Also got an excellent book - first hand account of a cavalryman serving on the plains during the Indian Wars, with plenty of detail about forts and daily life for the soldiers. A bargain at £3.

I wandered into the area by the hot food stall as he was closing up for the day, and acquired a sausage roll and a pasty for free. Got home to discover that Chris had also been to Triples this afternoon, and had dropped off a programme and his entry ticket for me (which he doesn't need any more as he won't be going back tomorrow). Very kind of him, but rather redundant.



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16th Mar, 2008 10:26 (UTC)
Sounds like fun - but I've got to ask, d16, how does that work?
17th Mar, 2008 01:15 (UTC)
You roll it across the table and see which number is uppermost when it stops :)

Or, to be more helpful, it's designed like a D10, but with eight faces either side of the circumference, where a D10 has 5.
16th Mar, 2008 23:27 (UTC)
Sounds like a very fun day! Lots of goodies you purchased too!

Don't worry...once you sort of get the hang of the rules of KB, you'll like it. It is a little odd when you first start. And it plays better when you start adding the expansion packs. We have all but the very last one now including the set of Kinder Bunnies cards, of which we've stripped it of all the money and bunnies to add to the main game to make it more fair. (Kinder Bunnies is a child's version of Killer Bunnies that can be added to the main game if you wish, but it becomes weird because some rules apply and others don't so we just pilfer the money and bunny cards) Make sure you have plenty of time to play the first couple of times so that you can really figure out how the game play goes. But once you get used to it, it goes a lot faster. And feel free to make up house rules. Those are the best ones!
17th Mar, 2008 01:19 (UTC)
We played Killer Bunnies this evening, as Ven was full of a cold and wilted early, so we couldn't roleplay.

It did go a bit slowly at first, and Steve lost his temper and threatened to take his ball home, but he calmed down and we carried on. As I expected, things started to move a bit faster after a few rounds, when people had got the idea of the sequence of each turn, and had started to grasp what each type of card did.
Do you get more cabbage and water cards in the booster sets, as with a 6 player game, they seemed to run out quite quickly ?
17th Mar, 2008 04:17 (UTC)
Yes, I believe there are more cabbage and water cards...I think they arrive in the green booster set.

And yes, this game can be VERY infuriating if you're on the receiving end of the nastiness, but turn about is totally fair play and is very much encouraged! LOL We've had games where I got TOTALLY screwed and so I got so pissed off that I left the game and it sat on our table for 3 days until I'd calmed back down enough to continue. No joke! Ask Jon about it sometime! As you know, I'm very competitive and it just kills me sometimes, hehehehe.

Make sure you check out www.MagicCarrot.com. They have a great rule compendium there. When we play, we keep a laptop with it up and ready for instantaneous rules lawyering.
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