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Here is the news

A round-up of what I've been doing lately (other than cursing Windows updates)

Thurs was the party for Iain F's 42nd birthday, held at the Harlequin. I knew it had been a CAMRA pub of the month recently, and was delighted to find two good ciders on draft. After tasting both, I settled for the darker one. Steve and a couple of others pointed out "it's 8.4% !" so I said I'd drink pints that strong before (not often) and ordered it anyway.
  Lots of food for the party, and brought some home in a lunchbox I need to wash and return to Iain and Vikki. I did a sci-fi quiz, which the D&D group won by a country mile. Everyone seemed to enjoy it though and someone requested a copy for his son, so quite pleased. As Iain was 42, there was a rough Hitch Hiker's theme, and Vikki had concocted this bright blue Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Didn't try it myself, not least because I had the 8.4% cider.

It's now 12 days since my last visit to the clinical trial, and I still have a bruise on the back of my right hand where they took blood, and a tender patch on the outer left elbow, which is another place they stuck needles in. Having blood samples taken never used to be such a problem.

Rather feeble energy levels at the moment. Was planning to go into Broomhill yesterday, but lay down and napped instead. Likewise, napped again this afternoon, and consequently was still doing online Tesco shop when Asha arrived to take me to D&D. The good news is that after making me wait eight months from filling in the form to having the medical for my continued Incapacity Benefit claim, once I did have the medical, I got the news about my claim less than a week later. The claim has been approved, which is a relief.

Need to get on with revising for Mastermind, and hope tiredness and other small things aren't signs of an impending relapse. The timing is not good.


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