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Jazz Hands !

Had a rather curtailed IVFDF experience this weekend.

It was a fairly busy week, so by Friday evening I didn't really feel up to going out to an exhausting ceildh. The weather was foul too, which didn't encourage me to go out, so I stayed home and revised a bit for Mastermind.

Sat was a much nicer day. Set off a little later than intended, and missed the start of the swing class, but watched for a bit. Pottered around the stalls and bought a couple of presents and some earrings. In the afternoon, went to the Sheffield Carols workshop. I've heard some of them sung by the Sheffield Folk Chorale, as four part songs, but we did them as two-parts. I learned a little of the history of the Sheffield carols, which were written to be performed in Methodist churches in the 18th and 19th centuries. The songs were carried into the local pubs, where they survived after the churches became less popular. It was the first time I've done massed singing, and I enjoyed it.

After this, went to a Roaring 20's class, where we learnt a Charlston routine, which included the Black Bottom. It was great fun, and St Andrew's Hall was packed. I intended doing the Bollywood Dance class that followed, but I was stiff and too tired. Made my way home slowly, via Jackson's and the Happy House takeaway. Collapsed into a chair and watched 'Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit',, while eating duck chow mein, washed down with perry. There was a choice of ceildhs in the evening, but I'd used up my energy ration for the weekend.

So no dancing today, but I'll be going to D&D later.


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