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Lying Landlord

Got an email from the landlord this evening; it's addressed to the council woman who's looking after the heating issue, but he'd cc'd me in as well.

Dear H*********

On Saturday two men went over to install the heating after fifteen minutes or so one man had to go and sit in the van due to problems with his breathing caused by dust and cat fur (which is in breach of Ms Taylor’s tenancy agreement, no animals) the second man carried on working to fit the heating but when he arrived back here in Chesterfield he had a rash on his arms and legs, he had been laying on the floor in the flat.

The men have said they will not enter this property whilst it is in a poor sate of hygiene, we unfortunately have come across this problem in the past were contractors have openly admitted that they will have to charge a premium if they were to work in these conditions.

We will install a heater in the second bedroom subject to Ms Taylor clearing her belongings out of the way and also fit heaters in the bathroom and kitchen.

I will arrange this work to be carried out as soon as possible once Ms Taylor as cleaned the property so as not to be a health risk.

We will also replace the cooker cable.

Kind regards

D Gill.

Now, I'm kind of amused by his bollocks, and also deeply annoyed.

I'm amused by the way he's addressed the council offcer as 'Dear Surname' - omiting either a title, initial or forename. Not what I'd call a good start. And what was the second man 'laying' on the floor ? Bricks, eggs ?

He states one man had to go sit in the van after fifteen minutes. This is his own son, who happens to be highly allergic to cats, as he (son) has told me in the past. I'm sure his father, Landlord Senior knows this, so if he asks his son to deliver something to my flat, he knows it's going to affect his allergy.

My first landlord here permitted me to keep cats, therefore effectively modifying the terms of the agreement, which then holds true to subsequent landlords. As current landlord knows perfectly well, since I informed him via his solicitors when he tried to make me get rid of the cats five years ago.

Second man fitted one of the two heaters they brought. He was wearing jeans, so how he allegedly got a rash on his legs, I don't know. What's more, I'm allergic to cat fleas, and mildly allergic to Skiffle's saliva, so I'd know if the cats had left anything on the carpet liable to cause a rash. What's more, no one else has complained of a rash after visiting and sitting on the floor.

If other contractors have said they'll charge a premium for working in my flat, the landlord has never told me. In fact the plumber he sent to mend the toilet and sink recently, loves cats, and cooed at Diesel.

As for fitting a heater in the second bedroom 'subject to Ms Taylor clearing her belongings out of the way',  I live here - I have belongings, you know - there is stuff in this flat.. Besides, no one's been to look to decide where to fit one yet, and yes, I had realized I'd have to move things when someone actually came to do the work. I'll move belongings on the day the workman is due. There's no reason to move anything before then.

And, yes, you will fit heaters in the kitchen and bathroom, BECAUSE YOU'VE BEEN LEGALLY ORDERED TO DO SO !

My flat is not a health risk, and you, Mr landlord, are talking out of your arse.



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25th Feb, 2008 09:27 (UTC)
What a ratbag! There's nothing unhygienic about your flat. I hope the council will be prepared to come round, see this for themselves, and throw the book at him.

I'd be spitting bricks in your position. :-(
25th Feb, 2008 14:20 (UTC)
perhaps you should write a follow-up to the councillor?
25th Feb, 2008 15:19 (UTC)
I phoned the council officer this afternoon and spoke to her. She asked me to explain my side of the story, and to tell her what happened on Saturday. As I'd expected, she's more inclined to believe my version than the landlord's, and was particularly amused when I pointed out that the 'first man' referred to is in fact the landlord's own son, and that the landlord should be well aware that his son is highly allergic to cats, regardless of how clean or otherwise the flat is.

Apparently landlord emailed her (but not me) to say that's he's going on holiday until the 3rd march. She promised to try to get hold of him or his son this afternoon. The council officer is not daft, and knows perfectly well when a landlord is making excuses.

remind me to send her a thank you card when this is done.
25th Feb, 2008 19:46 (UTC)
Gosh, your landlord is a twat bag! I would be fuming too if I were you. I am glad the council officer is not a fool and is on your side. Hope you get it sorted soon! *hugs*
25th Feb, 2008 20:53 (UTC)
What a ratbag! I am very aware of what constitutes a health risk (having to decline to enter if a property is beyond a certain state) and yours was abosulatly fine, the last time I saw it! He is obviously trying to buy time and hasn't thought that the likely council response would be

a) contact you
b) get environmental health to check you out!

I hope nice council lady accepts that you are permitted to have pets, and that landlord needs to stop stalling and get the flat up to a decent standard!
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