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A slow start

I'm getting a little closer to having heating throughout the flat. Storage heating, not central heating, but heating none the less.

Landlord junior phoned yesterday and asked if it would be convenient to come over today with an electrician to fit two storage heaters - one in the living room, and one in the bedroom I said sure, but what about heaters for the other rooms ? Landlord junior said Dad had only authorized him to get two heaters. I said I was sure that the council order to install heating meant the whole flat, and what about getting the wiring for the cooker fixed, as the council had also ordered. Junior said he didn't know anything about the cooker wiring, and had been told to provide two heaters.

I promptly phoned the lovely woman on the council, and told her about the call, and she promised to check her notes and contact the landlord. Today I got a copy of the letter she sent to him ( and she must have been pretty quick off the mark to get it in the post yesterday afternoon). She reminds landlord about getting the cooker wire fixed, and goes on to tell him "There needs to be a fixed form of heating in all the rooms, including the bathroom on the floor below" (her underlining). I think that's pretty clear.

Landlord junior showed up today with two heaters as sheduled. He helped carry them upstairs, then retreated to the van outside, as he's very allergic to cats. Which meant I could talk to the electrician and have my own way about where things went without interfence. I pointed out that the heaters have to be wired to their own supply, and not use an existing point (backing this up with a previous council notice). There's a suitable point in the living room already, so the heater was installed in there. New points will have to be added in the other rooms, so the heater for the bedroom is still in its box, tucked to one side in the games room. It doesn't matter much yet, as I don't yet have the economy 7 meter installed for charging them up at the lower rate.

So still using the portable heaters, while landlord gets round to ordering more heaters, and realizes he's got to pay to have the extra points installed. Serves the cheapskate right,


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24th Feb, 2008 11:59 (UTC)
Serve him right indeed, and I hope you get the rest of the heaters soon!
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