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Day trippers

So for my birthday on Thurs, I had a day out in Lincoln, with my friend, Ven, who worked on a dig there 20+ years ago. I've never been before, so it was nice to be with someone who had an idea of where the main buildings are. It was a little overcast, and very blustery all day, but thankfully dry.

We decided to catch a bus up the hill to the cathedral, waited at the stop opposite the railway station, and almost ignored the little minibus that pulled up. I suddenly realized that this was in fact the bus we were waiting for. No destination board and no obvious company name/logo on the side. There was no regular ticket machine either. The driver scribbled on a ticket, handed it to me, and put the cash in a plastic box divided into compartments like a sewing/craft box.

The minibus set off, heading cheerfully up a pedestrian precinct and climbing upwards until we reached the splendid cathedral. It was bigger than I expected, and lovely. I was pleased to read history boards that confirmed what I remembered from a telly programme a while back; that the cathedral had burnt down and fallen over (though, fortunately, hadn't sunk into the swamp). Ven and I wandered about, looking at the lovely buildings and sat down in a little sheltered garden where snowdrops and even daffodills had already come out.

Then we set off down Steep Hill, stopped at various points en route. We visited a shop selling handcrafted metal sculptures.  They were really nice, and much cheaper than we'd expected. I bought a small, flying owl, though I really wanted one of the dragons too. The artist also does terrific Alien figures, (sadly not on his website), with a bicycle chain for spine and tail. These are about a foot long, and cost under £30, I think, which is damn good value for a handmade original.
  We also called in at a nice jewellery shop, specializing in stuff made from semi-precious stones and ammonites, that he cuts and sets himself. I got myself a pair of earring made from moss opal. It's not the glittery form of opal, but is pale yellow, almost translucent, with green veining.

We had lunch in a a pub, at 2 main meals for £6. The portions weren't that large, but tasty and for that price we weren't complaining. We wandered slowly down the hill, looking in some of the shops that were open. Being rather out of tourist season, and not a weekend some places were closed. I lost a glove somewhere, and so bought a new pair in a charity shop, with a little chenille scarf. Cost around £3 all told.
 By late afternoon we were both ready for a proper sit down, and found a nice cafe. We had a mocca caffe each, and shared a slice of lucious chocolate orange cheesecake. After a good rest and a gossip about the new roleplaying campaign that Ven and Asha are running together, we made our way back to the station, and eventually, home.

It was a really nice day out, with good company.


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23rd Feb, 2008 22:33 (UTC)
What a great day out. Happy belated birthday!
24th Feb, 2008 11:30 (UTC)
Happy Belated Birthday!!!! *hugs*
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