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Been up to much lately ?

Well, yes and no.

I've done masses of laundry, especially the delicates, occasional use items and bulky things that I'd put off washing in the twintub. I'm starting to run out of room in drawers now stuff is clean and put away, not lurking around the laundry basket. I love my automatic washing machine.

Still haven't got the new telly hooked up to dvd etc. Partly because the instruction book is on cd, so I have to put it in the computer to read it, then print off bits to use. Plus it doesn't seem that well written anyhow. Also, I still haven't got the s-video cable I ordered at the same time. I've phone Dell twice about it now. First there's a menu to choose an option, then another menu, then customer services person in the UK, then I have to repeat info to three more people, in India. Although I selected 'query about an order' way back, and gave my customer and order to every single operator, only the last one is capable of actually doing anything useful - allegedly. The Orders department have been sent an email about the missing cable, but haven't yet sent me an email to say what the hell they're doing.

Been getting on with overhauling the western section of the website. Nothing up on line yet, as I want to get the whole thing done and tested before it goes live.

Dug out my copy of Grand Theft Auto - that's the original version, and have been playing that. Still good, clean fun :) Unfortunately, I've been having a problem with knotted and swollen muscles around the right shoulderblade. Using the computer intensely, or for long periods makes it worse, so I've got to be careful about how much I play GTA.  The doctor prescribed some ibuprofen gel, with the appaling name 'Phorepain'. It helps, but applying it to my own shoulder blade is a bit challenging. Really need a good massage.

I finally have an appointment for a medical assessment for Incapacity Benefit. Was somewhat surprised to be phoned by someone from DWP on a Saturday. It's been eight months since I returned the form. I was hoping it would get towards 12 months, and then I could send them an anniversary card. Oh well.

As Gary is having eye problems, he's not driving, so he can't take me shopping. Ordered a delivery from Tesco's instead. Was halfway through choosing the order when I realized that I'd chosen an 8-10 delivery slot on Wed evening, which meant an even chance of getting interrupted partway through Torchwood. Paid an extra 50p for an earlier slot. Still haven't seen last week's, as I was between telly when it was shown. Helen did tape it for me, but the tape she gave me on Sunday was full of episodes of CSI, NCIS and Law and Order. Helen spotted the mistake herself when she and Steve sat down to watch CSI and got Torchwood instead. Can't be bothered to download it and watch it on my pc; don't want to watch it on a small, square picture.

Did I mention how much I like my washing machine ?


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21st Feb, 2008 01:24 (UTC)
I had a twin tun years ago and for years I didn't take the automatic for granted. Isn't it wonderful!
22nd Feb, 2008 08:51 (UTC)
Will you be at the Moon tonight? Have your birthday pressie to give you.
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