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Break out the Hawkwind !

*sing* I've got a washing machine */sing*

Yes, my laundry facilities have just taken a 60 year leap forward from the 1950's to 2008. The twintub has been Freecycled to a new home, and I have a modern automatic humming quietly downstairs, working on its first load. It does actually take longer than the whole twintub thing, but once I've put the laundry in, added detergent, twirled a knob and pushed a button, I can forget about it until it's done. Bliss ! And it shouldn't tangle and crease things as much as the twintub either.

Still haven't got the new telly properly set up yet. This is partly because I'm waiting for Chris to take the old one to the recycling place tomorrow, then I can put new telly on the stand and hook up DVD etc. (new telly is currently in front of the old one, perched on an upturned plastic crate). Although I can get the 5 non-digital channels on it, they're not organized yet and I have to troll back and forth to find what I'm looking for. The main instruction manual came on a computer cd, so I've got to load that and print off the relevent sections in order to figure out how to organize the channels it's picked up. How convenient  /sarcasm.

Used another new widget this evening, I got an order from Lakeland a couple of days ago, which included their new Papillote steaming dish. I tried it out this evening with fair success. It comes with advice on looking after the dish, and a couple of recipes, but no general advice on cooking with it. I used the times for the recipes as a rough guide, and started with some fresh sprouts and carrots in the microwave. I started by cooking them for 3 minutes, and the sprouts were horribly overdone in that time. I used it to cook sprouts, carrots, purple sprouting broccoli and cod, with Henderson's Relish, tomato paste and rosemary. It would probably have steamed the whole single portion in about two minutes. Some experimentation is required, but it looks promising. Tonights was a little overdone, but tasty, and went with plenty of pasta,

Feeling full now.


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15th Feb, 2008 21:57 (UTC)
Yay for decent washing machines! My mum used to have a twin-tub, and it was the bane of her life. I can still remember her hauling the thing out into the middle of the kitchen (which wasn't large, so you had to squeeze round it when it was in use) and transferring laundry from the washing bit to the spinning bit with a large pair of wooden tongs.
15th Feb, 2008 23:15 (UTC)
It was a faff to use, but I used to try and console myself with the thought that it was a bit improvement over a copper, tub and washboard and a mangle.

I was in some museum with Mum sometime in the last couple of years, and they had a tub and washing dolly in the household section. Mum said that's what she'd used, either before getting married, or in the early days of her marriage, in the early 1950's (I can't remember which it was).

First load has been done and is now strung about the games room. My tops are so much less creased than from the twintub.
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