Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Still whittling away at the Piles Of Stufftm in the games room. I've managed to stash all the games out of sight, by throwing one out, freecycling Twister and donating a jigsaw to charity. Actually, the jigsaw is still in a corner, waiting to be moved to the growing charity pile in the living room. With some careful re-arranging, I've managed to get everything else in either the games cupboard or the games drawer in the filing cabinet. Oh, and I cunningly took my newest game, Jungle, to live in Chris' games room. My Air Traffic Control Game, London Game, Zombies and a couple of Cheapass games live there too, along with many lead figures, assorted toys and the automatic card shuffler Steve and Helen gave me for Xmas. I also have 2 pirate board games and some cat jigsaws stashed under the wardrobes in my bedroom.

I went into town this afternoon and ordered myself a shiny new washing machine. The old twintub will be going to a new home via Freecycle. The new automatic is from Cole Brothers (local John Lewis store), and was well priced, plus I get free delivery and a 2 year warrenty, instead of the 1 year that most places offer. Sadly it's not a silver machine, but I can live with that.- it's a Tricity Bendix AW1401 There was a minor hiccup when I tried to pay, as I was using my credit card. I've only used it online in the last few months/years, so couldn't quite remember the pin. So after about three attempts, it wouldn't let me try any more. Had to use the debit card instead. Better check what the balance is now...
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