Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Who lives in a house like this ?

It's raining at the moment, very loudly. Steady rain can make quite a noise on a skylight.

It was raining pretty briskly this afternoon, when mouschtie helped me load my cardboard mountain and a defunct standard lamp into her car. Fortunately, it was clear and sunny, (albeit rather soggy underfoot) when we arrived at the rycycling centre. What's more, there was a helpful attendent who carried stuff up steps and dropped it into skips for us. I now no longer have that wall of cardboard sitting against the wall by the door of the game's room, which is a relief. It was being held in place by the folding steps and I had to find something else to pin it in place every time I needed to use the steps. And it narrowed the entrance to the room by over a foot.

With the cardboard gone, and the carrier bag collection sort and hidden in the wardrobe/store cupboard, the games roon looks larger and a lot less cluttered.

After dumping stuff, we drove to mouchtie's house, which was my first visit, so I got the guided tour. It's a nice place, with lots more room to have computers live. Once they've settled in, all it will need is a cat or two.

Home slightly later than intended so missed the plumber who was supposed to call this afternoon. Still, he was supposed to call yesterday afternoon, but didnt' bother phoning to let me know his job had overrum and he wouldn't be able to make it. I eventually called him, to find out what had happened and to try to reschedule his visit. Another fellow's coming tomorrow anyway, to gave a quote for fixing up the pipework for an automatic washing machine.
   Need to chose a new machine, and see if DART will take the twintub back in part exchange. They always used to have one or two secondhand ones in, but I'm not sure they do now. We shall see.
Tags: new home, plumbers, recyling
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