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Movies and mops

As there was nothing worth watching on telly tonight, I watched 'Belleville Rendezvous', as kindly supplied by dakegra I've been wanting to see this for a while, and it was worth it. I loved the style of the animation, unlike some of the users on imdb, who complained that it was creepy and disturbing. I guess if you grew up with programmes like the Clangers, you'll accept pretty much anything animated. It was also a delight to recognise Josephine Baker in the opening sequence, as well as Fred Astaire.

Put an order in at Lakeland today. Had to phone up, as the website didn't want to talk to me. The call staff at Lakeland are always lovely to talk to, and you can hear the other phone staff in the background, chatting away with the customers. I spent £1.99 on clips that pin your fitted sheet to the mattress and stop it wandering. One of my sheets tends to come loose, so it seemed a worthwhile investment. Also got a stick on strip of 3 LED lights to go in the far end of the games room, which can be a bit dim, even with new bulb and lightshade. I shouldn't need to use it often, but it will help when poking around in the games cupboard. I got a duster on a telescopic pole too. Now I've got a a way of getting at the less accessible corners of the flat. I could do with a new ironing board cover,  but that can wait for another day. Maybe I should just replace the elderly elastic on the current one. 


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3rd Feb, 2008 00:02 (UTC)
Has 'Belleville Rendezvous' anything to do with 'The Triplets of Belleville' which I loved? [looks it up] Ah, it's the same film! How odd.

It also had a caricature of Django Reinhardt. I adored the triplets' appliance and newspaper act.
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