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Radio Ga-ga

Yesterday I treated myself and bought an alarm clock radio. Today I took it back to the shop and got a refund.

I've had a series of alarm clock radios since I was about 12 - and most useful they are. I've been considering switching from analogue to digital radio for a while There are plenty of digital radios about but fewer clock radios, they tend to be damn pricy, and the clock is often a very small display. I want a nice, large clock display, that I can read while in bed, without my glasses on.

So I found a nice looking one made by Technik, at Tescos the other day, on offer at £25, bought one, and set it up the same night. The radio is very good but that was the only good thing about it. The display is blue on black, which doesn't offer enough contrast to be easily readable. I also discovered that the digits can't be seen at all from some angles. If I'm lying in bed, with the radio slightly higher on the bedside cabinet, all I can see is the glow of the display front. I can't see a single damn digit. So that's no use for casually looking over and seeing what the time is.
  And if you turn the radio on, the time vanishes and instead you get the name of the station it's receiving. I know what station I've set it to, and they all play jingles at regular intervals, just to remind you. I don't need the damn display telling me too - certainly not at the expense of displaying the time on what's supposed to be a CLOCK radio. You can adjust it to show the time while the radio's on. Just press the menu button, scroll down until you reach the correct option (fourth or fifth), and select it.  And you have to do this every single time you put the radio on.

So I took it back and got my money refunded.

There are loads of suitable analogue clock radios out there. How hard can it be to make a digital version ?


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2nd Feb, 2008 05:22 (UTC)
That's too bad!

Must be a difference between UK and US gadgets...we have a TON of different digital clock radio models. They range from the $8-50 range, depending on how many bells and whistles you need.

If the electrical supply wasn't an issue, I'd send you one from here!

Have you tried Amazon UK?
2nd Feb, 2008 05:27 (UTC)
In fact, here's one that looks interesting!!

HoMedics SS-4000 Sound DeLuxe Clock Radio & Sound Machine

2nd Feb, 2008 17:37 (UTC)
That one has a digital display, but the radio is AM/FM, which is what I currently have. I want DAB digial radio, not the analogue signal.

I searched ebay last night and have found one I like the look and price of that I'm bidding on.

Thanks anyway.
2nd Feb, 2008 17:52 (UTC)
AHHH, didn't realize you meant the radio signal needed to be digital. Those are a bit less common here, certainly!
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