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Whatever I have a long-felt want of...

...It isn't a want of felt. Or velvet, or muslin.

I've just been sorting the big (and gradually disintegrating) bag of random fabric in the games room. The end result is currently: 1 crate of assorted fabrics, mostly new, big enough for making decent projects: 1 crate of assorted smaller bits and pieces of fabric for patches, trim and small items; 1 half-full Big Bag of various cloth items that will be going in the bin (various clothes kept to be used as rags and never touched, random lengths of old fabric that are just plain manky), along with said disintegrating Big Bag; 1 plastic box filled with stuff that needs some degree of attention before being filed/thrown out (failed cushion covers that I can take the hooks and eyes off before throwing out etc).

I unearthed quite a variety of stuff during the excavations. The unfinished dress I was making for the wedding of soul_rider and longhairedhippy  Green, and fawn fabric left from making medieval costume for astatine210 to wear to longrat's wedding. Left-over curtain fabric and net curtains from the costume I made for thegreatgonzo 's Dangerous Liaisons party.
    There was also a random piece of rather sad muslin that was about long enough to reach the full length of the stairs - while folded in half. Quite why I have a 40' length of muslin, I have no idea. I also uncovered my Star Wars fabric - I think it's a piece big enough for a single duvet cover. It probably dates from around the release of the first film. Han Solo is pretty much recognisable, but Luke and Leia could be pretty much anybody.

I'm also chucking out most of some rather coarse black wool fabric I have. This was actually part of the masking from the old ABC cinema on Angel street. If anyone wants a bit of Sheffield cinema history, let me know.


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30th Jan, 2008 03:39 (UTC)
Love that Star Wars fabric! Hey Chewbacca is recognizable! And maybe R2-D2 Is C3PO on there? I am assuming Luke is standing near Leia, yes? You know, you could probably sell that on Ebay for a minor fortune if it is in good shape!

Funny the things we find when we go rummaging through storage!
30th Jan, 2008 12:58 (UTC)
Star Wars Fabric
I've got that as a pillowcase :D
30th Jan, 2008 13:11 (UTC)
I may be able to find a use for the wool if it hasn't got a better home to go to. :)
30th Jan, 2008 15:42 (UTC)
The black masking cloth fabric is very heavy stuff. It's also not in A1 condition, due to both being around a cinema screen and in my games room. It's got some cats hairs on it, and random fluff, so would probably need cleaning to some extent, depending on what you want to use it for.
If you're still interested, you're welcome to have it, or at least to come and see whether it's suitable.
30th Jan, 2008 21:30 (UTC)

If not, I'm considering re-upholstering my car... if it's too heavy for you I might be able to use it ;-)

PS If you've never seen Belleville Rendezvous you're in for a treat ;-)
30th Jan, 2008 15:15 (UTC)
on a complete tangent - I've got that dvd of Belleville Rendezvous, but have lost your address. Can you email it to me please?
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