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Party and pots

Went to Asha and Colin's Lone Ranger party last night. Sadly, most of their friends failed to enter into the spirit of the thing and there weren't many costumes. There was a girl of about four riding a hobby horse that played the William Tell Overture and whinnied, which was rather fab. I gave Asha a plush D10 I got from the same place as the plush DRD.
  After the children had left, we played pass-the-parcel with forfeits. I had to hop around like a rabbit, which isn't the easiest thing to do in a corset. The cats became more social when the children had gone. There was a thud on the French windows, which was beautiful-but-brainless Chen trying to walk through a glass door. He eventually realised he'd have to go round and use the cat flap. Later on we played 'Taboo', which my team won :)

Today I've managed to get rid of a couple more things via Freecycle. My old computer speakers and the indoor TV aerial have gone to new homes. I put Iain's old sledge on Freecycle last night, and have had one request for it from some optimistic students, who are hoping it might snow sometime this winter. I suspect they may be the only takers.
   I think the next thing will be to sort out my collection of large flowerpots and tubs, of which I seem to have more than is strictly necessary. Some of the things in the front garden will need potting up this spring though, so must figure out what I'll need for myself first though. I spotted another little purple hebe flourishing in the front garden, which wasn't there a few months ago. The one growing through the concrete near the front door is becoming a bit to big for its boots, so that may be hacked back before long. My garden just seems to sprout hebes out of thin air and they flourish like weeds. Oh, well, could be worse.

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