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Pic an' Mix news

So, what have I been up to lately, other than moaning about the Landlord ?

When I was in Manchester last week, I discovered a new flavour of Kopperburg. I like their perry, so couldn't resist trying their Winter Fruit, which is based on cider, rather than perry. There was nothing to specifically say what the winter fruits were, just the illustration on the label. This featured a golden/yellow blackberry/raspberry type fruit, reddish currants and that well-known winter fruit - the strawberry. Blackcurrent definitely featured in the ingredients, as it tasted rather like rich, alcoholic Ribena.

Need to get back to sorting the games room, now the replacement for the damaged crate has been delivered. The damaged one has a small chunk of the rim broken off at a corner, and a couple of cracks a few inches long. I shall apply parcel tape and see use it anyway.  I moved the pretty but delicate glass perfume bottle Mum gave me a few Xmas's ago from the computer desk, and put it in the bedroom where it fits in better and will be safer. I've filled the gap with the model Liberator in a plastic dome that came with one of the Blakes 7  DVD sets. It was previously tucked out of sight in the living room, and now sits in plain view next to one of the Wedge Antilles figures on my desk.

Putting together my saloon girl costume for Asha's Lone Ranger party on Saturday. Snazzy new gold and black lace corset ahoy ! I intend to go to Broomhill post office and get a cap gun to put in my garter, but if I fail, I've got two fancy-dress prop knives to choose from. The Bowie knife is staying at home.

The clinical trial for a new oral drug to modify ms is going well so far. No side-effects whatsoever. In fact, I'm inclined to think I'm on the placebo. We shall see.

Oh, and I was in Manchester to audition for the next series of Mastermind. The audition started with 20 general knowledge questions, of which I'm certain I got about 4 right. The rest were divided between educated guesses and wild guesses, with a couple of straightforward 'haven't a ruddy clue's. Maddeningly, I didn't get told how well I did. Still, I got on well with the production staff and we had a good chat about my specialist subjects and why I was interested in them.
  About six days later, I got a phone call to say I've been accepted as a contestant. My heat is to be filmed at the end of March and my first specialised subject is 'The Romney Marsh Novels of Monica Edwards', with 'Blakes 7' and 'The Life of Alex Harvey'  if I get any further.
   So I need to start planning for this.

What should I wear ?



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24th Jan, 2008 02:19 (UTC)
Awesome! Congrats! But no Wedge Antilles category? Sadness.
24th Jan, 2008 13:25 (UTC)
I did put down the X-wing novels as a subject, but I think the production staff were a little concerned by the fact that there's no single reference work for the subject, which makes question setting harder. I told them about Wookiepedia, which amused them, as they already knew about Wikipedia.

I explained how the X-wing novels relate to the Star Wars universe as a whole and one of them grasped at as being like Torchwood is to Dr Who, which is pretty close. No way am I going to suggest all the Stars Wars novels as a subject - there far too damn many of them.
24th Jan, 2008 03:19 (UTC)
Wow, well done! I mourn the passing of Mastermind here years ago. Do you have to choose a different subject each time you're on? Eep. I could probably do B7 but I doubt I have enough knowledge of anything else.
24th Jan, 2008 13:27 (UTC)
Yep, a new subject for each appearance. Of course, that only applies if you win at least one match.

Don't you get the new Mastermind with John Humphreys ? It's been running a few years now.
24th Jan, 2008 19:27 (UTC)
We never had yours, just our own which no longer runs, and the international one where the champions meet. I wish someone would start it again. University Challenge, compered by the same guy, now dead, was huge fun, and there was even one for schools which I was a team member in.
24th Jan, 2008 04:00 (UTC)
So VERY cool! Congrats!! Please keep us over-the-pond'ers posted on how it goes. I'm so excited for you.

Jon keeps telling me I need to go on Jeopardy or Millionaire. I'd probably do pretty well on Millionaire...between all the lifelines and it being multiple choice and all. Oh, and the fact I'm a plethora of useless knowledge with a penchant for pop-culture...LOL

Anyway, have a blast!
24th Jan, 2008 13:30 (UTC)
Go for it. Even if you don't win anything, it's still a good day out and you're bound to get a least a photo and maybe the host's autograph.
24th Jan, 2008 07:36 (UTC)
Woah, next stop Eggheads! Be sure to tell us how you did, 'cos we can't wait until the broadcast (which won't be until the Autumn).
24th Jan, 2008 13:17 (UTC)
If I go on Eggheads, I'd want Miss_Next as a team mate. Along with Iain B, Astatine210 and Lord_mallory. Between us, we'd make an awesome quiz team :)
24th Jan, 2008 10:12 (UTC)
Oh, cool! Mum and Dad watch that regularly, so let me know when it'll be broadcast and I shall get them to record it. :-)
24th Jan, 2008 10:34 (UTC)
Oh, fabulous! I'll look out for you and try to subtitle you - that'd be fun :D
24th Jan, 2008 12:39 (UTC)
Wow! Mastermind - well done! Although it's just not the same without Magnus :-(

We have a cap gun somewhere if you want it - will you be in the pub?
24th Jan, 2008 13:18 (UTC)
I'm intending to go to the Moon, so if you can find a cap gun, that would be ace.

I'm now wondering where my gold fabric reticule is, as I didn't see it while sorting the fancy dress box, so I don't know where else it might be.
25th Jan, 2008 09:22 (UTC)
Hey, congratulations! You'll have to let everyone know when you're going to be filming so we can get tickets.
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