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Better out than in

Just had a visit from Landlord's plumber to see to non-draining kitchen sink and poorly draining bath. Part of the problem with kitchen sink is that the cowboys the Landlord hired to fit kitchen and bathroom four years ago used a 1 1/4" pipe instead of a 1 1/2". I now have a new, more suitably sized outlet pipe.
  In spite of Landlord's assertions that new pipe would solve bath problems, I insisted on checking this. Guess what ? The bath still didn't drain freely (hardly at all, in fact). Obliging plumber removed a certain amount of hair from pipe, which really helped, but also remarked that cowboys hadn't set things up properly. So what would go straight through pipes in properly plumbed bath would silt up in bends of this one. He also had a few things to say about the plastic bath panels and their poor fit (and apologized in advance for the language).

We had a nice chat about cats, as he has four of his own. He used to have a deaf white cat that loved to climb trees but kept falling out of them. Neighbours would call and say they'd just seen his cat plummet to the ground. This didn't bother the cat, who would soon be falling out of another tree.

I asked whether the Landlord had said anything to him about installing heating. Apparently Landlord has said something vague about installing 'a couple of storage heaters'. Which I didn't hear from the plumber :) By the council's schedule, something definite should have happened by now.

So sink and bath are properly functional now. About ruddy time too.



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22nd Jan, 2008 12:19 (UTC)
Excellent! :-)
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