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Battle of the Bulging Bags

Yesterday, the old printer and all its gubbins went to a grateful Freecycler, which has freed up some space on the games room floor. Which allowed me to get on with the next job.

I spent a good hour or so yesterday night sorting out the collection of bubblewrap, packing paper, boxes, tissue etc that I've accumulated.

I responded to a wanted ad on Freecycle, offering my surplus to someone who's moving house. I hadn't heard from them after a couple of days, so put my own ad up offering the stuff, and got a taker for it. Then the first person got in contact asking when they could collect the stuff I'd promised them. Fortunately, I have enough that both parties can have a decent supply of packing materials. I kept one decent sized carrier bag of assorted bubble wrap for myself and divided the rest.

The Freecyclers will be getting one big carrier of assorted bubblewrap, packing paper and foam sheets each, plus two carriers of polystrene chips each. Both lots should be picked up today, which is good.

My packing stuff is still filling the big box that my old computer and monitor came in. It will be more thoroughly sorted and stored in a nice plastic crate when the second batch I ordered arrives. They've been shipped, and will most likely arrive tomorrow, as I'm out all day and so won't be able to take delivery. I've organized pretty tissue paper, gift bags and boxes, ribbon and suchlike, and ditched an assortment of carefully stored paper bags I'm never going to use.

I now need to reorganize my carrier bag supply, sorting a sensible container for them, and recycling the surplus.

I also seem to have accumulated a bagful of assorted small boxes, suitable for roleplaying miniatures, jewellery, small craft items etc.  I intend to cull them quite drastically, as they've been sat in the big box without being used for a few years. If anyone's wants some/all of them, let me know.

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