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Plumbing the depths

I was woken by a phone call this morning, which was just as well, as I'd set the alarm clock for pm, instead or am, and would have been asleep when the landlord arrived half an hour later.

I emailed him last week to say that the drain unblocker he'd sent hadn't arrived. He responded by saying he was coming around with a plumber, which is what I'd told him was necessary in the first place. He'd said Monday, so I had to email in reply and ask when on Monday. Just so I can do stuff like washing my hair, without worrying that I'll get interrupted halfway through.

Landlord and plumber showed up early, took U-bend off and declared the blockage wasn't in U-bend - which I'd already told them. Plumber checked bend of pipe under cabinet and didn't find a blockage there either. Conclusion is that blockage is most likely in outlet pipe on front wall of house, and will need a ladder to access it. I improved the shining hour by pointing out that the bath has been slow at draining since it was installed (if it drains at all), and could the plumber do something about it. I was told this would be caused by the same thing that's blocking the sink. I pointed out (again) that the bath has had poor drainage since installation (nearly five years ago), and the sink was fine until last month. I did manage to get the bath flowing freely for a few weeks last autumn after jiggling the outlet pipe, but it's slowing again now. Plumber and landlord stuck to view that same blockage is causing both problems. We shall see.

I had assumed that Landlord had gone to expense of actually bringing real, live plumber instead of sending more drain cleaner,  because plumber would also see about installing heating and give quote. The council have ordered him to install heating, and gave notice of four weeks to take steps to remedy the situation. The letter to the Landlord is dated 14th Dec. so he should have something organized by next week at the latest. Turned out that the plumber also needed to make a quick visit to flat 2 about something. There was no mention at all of heating, whether fixed electric heating or central heating. Maybe he'll mention it when they come back to do the pipe later in the week.

The drain unblocked arrived in the post about half an hour after the landlord had left.

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