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Made a Start

It may not be obvious to the casual onlooker, but I have made a start at getting the games room sorted. The two plastic crates have been filled with the overspill from my action figure/horse collection. I'd hoped to use them for the sorted contents of two large cardboard boxes - packing materials and fancy dress, but I started with the toys and they're already full and I still have the large boxes of stuff.

On the bright side, the plastic crates have taken the contents of two shabby cardboard boxes, one large, overflowing carrier bag and three slightly-smaller-than-shoeboxes boxes. The crates are clear, so I can see what's in them, which is useful, and nice in the case of the overflow from a collection. The games room is inclined to be dusty, because of the cat litter which sheds a cloud of fine white dust every time I pour some out. Now I have stuff in boxes with lids, a) it keeps the dust out, and b) it keeps the cats out.

I ditched a manky duvet that the cats have been nesting in, and another couple of boxes with minimal stuff in them, and have found homes for the assorted papers and magazines that were living in Dad's attic until last May, and which have been hanging around my living room since.

The blue bin is already pretty full, though I've managed to squeeze some of the discarded cardboard in. I still have plenty left and may try to get some more into a neighbour's blue bin under cover of darkness. There's one out on the pavement opposite I've already put stuff in. Bins left on the pavement unecessarily are fair game.

Need to do some freecycling: mirrors, old slr camera and kit, guitar, bubblewrap and polystyrene chips for a start.

Oh, and I ordered another three plastic crates.


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