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I put on Kate Bush, the Whole Story to listen to while I was spodding, and hearing 'Cloudbusting'  reminded me of seeing the video in the cinema.

For some reason, in 1985, the Odeon chain took to showing a music video or two as part of their film programmes. The Odeon in Norwich (operating under another name now, I think) was a grand 1,000 seater built in the early 1970's at a time when cinemas were closing down at a rate of knots. It wasn't such a daft idea, as it seemed to do OK. I remember it got first run of all the Bond movies, which probably helped. The first film I saw there was 'Dougal and the Blue Cat', which scared me.

It had a huge screen , which was just right for watching big movies. The video for 'Cloudbusting' is a lovely one, filmed somewhere in darkest Wiltshire, I believe, and featuring Donald Sutherland as Kate Bush's father. It also had the rather groovy and fab rainmaking machine, which they haul to the top of a hill with spectacular views. Seeing such a beautifully filmed video on a big cinema screen was a real treat.

Part of the whole going-to-the-cinema thing as a child was having fast food afterwards, which we rarely otherwise did. If we went to the Odeon, we visited the Wimpy Burger Bar, which was also in Anglia Square. If we went to the ABC, we had Kentucky Fried Chicken. There weren't any fast food places near the Noverre, but we still had sweets, which we had to buy from the foyer of the Theatre Royal nearby, as the Noverre didn't sell any. 

The Noverre was a converted ballroom, part of the Georgian Norwich Assemby Rooms. There was a little car park round the back, in the shadow of the Roundtrees factory, so there was often a lovely smell of warm chocolate. The Noverre was an independent, and specialised in second-runs of films which had been to the Odeon and ABC six months earlier, and revivals of older films. When I came to Sheffield University, and saw the Graves Cinema, which was built in a converted ballroom, I felt right at home.

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