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email I just sent to the Royal Mail

On Sat 28th Dec I was left a 'Sorry you were out' card by Delivery person duty number 38. I was in, and had earlier recieved a parcel from Parcelforce. The undelivered parcel had required a signature.

On Wed 2nd Jan, I actually was out when no38 left a card for a packet that was too large for the letterbox.

On Thurs 3rd I tried to arrange a redelivery online, but the system wouldn't accept details for the parcel dated the 28th. So I phoned the call line and arranged for both parcels to be redelivered on Sat 5th.

Today, the 5th, I got another 'sorry you were out' card from no38 in spite of having been in all morning. My doorbell works perfectly well, as do those of the people in the other flats in the house, who were also in and could have accepted the parcel. The card left this time was for the 'too big' packet; there was no mention of the 'signature required' packet.
 The local delivery office had already closed by the time the postman left his card, so I couldn't phone them to complain or arrange a redelivery. Today, the call number on the card just directed me straight to the local office, which was obviously no use. Another Post Office phone number led me through a maze of choices and unnecessary messages to the complaints line, then told me the operators were too busy, and disconnected me.

A third number finally got me through to a live person, who apologized for the non-deliveries, and has (theoretically) arranged yet another delivery - for next Tuesday - the 8th Jan.

I'm waiting with baited breath to find out whether:
a) the postman can find the doorbell.
b) if he thinks I'm not in, will he have the common sense to try one of the other flats ?
c) I actually get both packets, or will one - mostly likely the registered one - will have gone missing/been returned to whoever sent it.

your sincerely

Gillian Taylor


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5th Jan, 2008 16:49 (UTC)
Geez! What a pain in the patootie! I hope you get BOTH of your packages.

We've had similar problems with our mail. We have one carrier who is a bit too lazy to get out of the truck and if there's anything that won't fit in our box or requires a signature, she'll just throw a "we missed you" card in our box and continue on. This is even if the van is in the driveway and not parked in the garage! We've complained about her a few times, but apparently it's only us.

We did succeed in getting another carrier fired about 4 years ago. He would just shove the mail in the box, damaging magazines, etc. And he'd just chuck packages up on the front porch and not even bother to ring the bell. Even ones marked fragile. I caught him several times. I immediately called the local office, spoke to the postmaster and then marched down to the office to speak to her in person and show her the package and the other mail that had been delivered that day. FIRED!

I hope your complaint doesn't fall on deaf ears and your carrier is reprimanded and gets his act together!
5th Jan, 2008 18:05 (UTC)
Thank you for the good wishes. Most of the posties are OK, but some are just hopeless.

First response from royal Mail is an automated email, requesting pretty much exactly the information I'd given in the comments box. Luckily, I still had the info on my clipboard, because of saving it to post here. I pasted it in my reply, cut out the bit at the end, and pointed out I'd already given them this info.


One of things that annoys me about the Royal Mail is that their local delivery offices are open from about 7.00am to 12.00 noon. Half the time, the post doesn't come till after noon, so I usually can't contact them to ask for redelivery the same day. There is the online service (as the recorded messages keep reminding you if you have the nerve to phone the number on the card) but that tends to be a bit limited if there's anything unusual about your case.
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