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1st Jan, 2008

Home today, with no need to go out anywhere, which is a good thing. It's been a (relatively) busy week or so and it's nice to relax without the need to get something done or be somewhere by a certain time.

I had a lovely time at the Blake St, party. I'd barely taken my coat off when I was offered a tasty burger, which was shortly followed by a waffle smothered with about four different toppings. I particularly liked the mincemeat muffins, and brought home two of those, along with stollen, two mince pies, four tangerines, cheese and a couple of bread rolls. There was also the Xmas present of those rum truffles that soul_rider remembered I like. She and longhairedhippy also gave me some non-fattening and very lovely earrings. There was also a pressie from the not-present tallbint, of a calendar and diary which will be most useful, thank you. More importantly, I got to see a lot of my friends, including some I don't see very often.

Yesterday was the D&D group's New Years Eve dinner party. There were only six of us last year, which has to be the smallest get-together for a while. Last year we managed to squeeze 11 people into Chris' dining room. It also meant there were only six dishes to eat, instead of 11. For starters we had crudites and dips, which included a hoummus that seemed to be mostly garlic, and then homemade cream of chicken soup. Main course was delicious citrus lamb shank with very soft mashed potato, followed by lamb hotpot. After a break in the living room, we returned for desserts of a very sticky banofee pie, and my contribution of Jaffa Cake Tart with cream.
  We returned to the living room to play a Rather Naughty Trivia game Chris had been given. It provided a few laughts but dragged on rather (as none of us seemed to know enough about soft porn stars). We did better with a couple of rounds of Guillotine, one of which I won comfortably. Then it was time to put on the telly to watch the fireworks in London (accompanied by some local offerings), followed by Jools Holland and co. Altogether, a nice evening.


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1st Jan, 2008 19:18 (UTC)
Glad you liked your pressie, I loved my frog!

Hope to catch up soon, belated Happy New Year!
2nd Jan, 2008 00:08 (UTC)
I saw the frog on the RSPB stall at the Kelham Island Xmas market and couldn't resist buying him. I'm glad you like him.
2nd Jan, 2008 05:16 (UTC)
I love playing Guillotine with friends. We're all very silly about it, and we always say "Ker-Chunk!" before collecting our card from the front of the line.
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