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A real Buddy

Went to check the post just now and got a lovely surprise.

The Background:
I'm a member of an online group for collectors of the Johnny West range of toys - cowboy action figures of the 60's and 70's. A couple of years ago, a fellow member called Buddy wanted to bid on a couple of items being sold on ebay.uk. However, the sellers didn't sell to America, where is where Buddy lives. I bid for him, took delivery of two large boxes, weeded out the stuff from job lots that Buddy didn't want, parcelled up the rest and sent it on to him. He immediately paid me back all the costs, plus I got to keep a few bits he didn't want.
  Some time later we did a trade. I sent him some English style horse tack (I think it was) for his toys, and got a brown foal I needed for my collexion in return.

Since then, Buddy has sent me lovely e-cards at Christmas. (In fact he uses the Jacquie Lawson site I now use.) Last year and this he's sent me real cards, through the post and all. I do treasure the fact that he makes the effort to include me as a friend, on such a slender acquaintance. Well, today, I recieved a small parcel from him - a belated Xmas present. I thought it might be some small Johnny West accessories but it isn't.

My ebay ID is Skifflesun. Buddy found and sent me a boxed set of Lonnie Donegan 'skiffle king' cd's. Where he found them I can't imagine, as skiffle is a very British phenomena. I'm just so touched that he found this, remembered my ebay name, and bothered to send them to me. A real buddy.


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30th Dec, 2007 14:01 (UTC)
That is really sweet. I approve!
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