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Booooooks !

/well, I've been shopping in both Norwich and Wymondham now, and I've visited two of my favourite bookshops. The results of which may be a tad on the heavy side when I come to pack my suitcase on Wed night.

1. 'Emily Davis' - Miss Read. About the only Miss Read book I don't already have, so it was nice to find a copy, especially for a low price.

2. 'Five to Seven - the story of a 1920's childhood' - Diana Noel. Looks like an interesting piece of biography and social history.

3. 'Broncho' - Richard Ball. The fictionalized life story of a champion showjumping horse who had served in the First World War. I already have this in a different edition, minus the dustjacket, and couldn't resist getting a nicer edition.

4. 'Garfield - with love from me to you' - Jim Davis. It cost a quid, and I don't have this one so...

5. 'The Golden Cat' - Gabriel King. I''ve been looking out for this for a while, as I have the previous one in the series. Got it from a market stall for £1.95 and it's signed !

6. 'Hiding the Elephant - how magicians invented the impossible' - Jim Steinmeyer. A history of the Golden Age of Magic, and famous illusionists, which looks like it explains how some tricks are done.

7. 'Donkey Man' - Ron Brewer. Book by a man who made his living from donkeys - rides, film work etc.

8. 'Anderson - Psi Division  book 5'. Two Judge Anderson stories collected into a graphic novel.

9. 'If I Don't Write It, Nobody Else Will' - Eric Sykes. Autobiography of the writer/actor/comedian - very important in 20th century British comedy. I've seen him on stage twice, and always enjoy his work.

10. 'The Hobbit' - J R R Tolkien. A nice, fake-red-leather-and-gilding edition which will look pretty on my bookshelves. Only £2.50, and printed in Thetford, which is halt an hour's drive from here.

11. 'Devils, Drugs and Doctors' - H W Haggard. A fat hardback that chronicles the myths, beliefs and practices of medicine through the ages (or western Europe, anyway)

12. 'Knight Moves' - Walter Jon Williams. Sci-fi by an author I usually enjoy. Will probably be worth the £1.25 I paid.

13. 'The Victorian Child' - F Gordon Roe. Childhood life in Victorian times.

14. 'International Fairs' - Nigel Heard. History and development of the fair in the west.

15. 'An Edwardian Summer' - John J Goodall. A lovely little illustrated book showing two Edwardina children through events of their summer. No text, just enchanting colour illustrations by the man who illustrated Miss Read's books

16. 'Here's Horse Sense' - R S Summerheys. Early 1930's book about horses and riding by a well-known columnist of the time. Delightful small illustrations and a colour frontispiece with original tissue guard, by a prominent equine artist.

It may be as well I don't intend to do any more shopping before I come home. I just hope I don't get given anything too heavy for Xmas.


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