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Need New Batteries, Please

I'm not doing anything in particular tomorrow, and this is a Good Thing.

Wed was busy. Cleaning and tidying in preparation for going away for Xmas, and also because of 3 friends coming over for dinner. Had to box up cats and their stuff for Chris-the-cat-sitter to take away in the afternoon. Empty the bins, prepare dinner, make a start on backlog of washing up etc. Needed to take a couple of breaks to lie and rest. Frantic, last-minute present-wrapping ensued. Luckily Steve, Helen and Iain were slightly later than sheduled.

Thurs travelled to Norfolk. I was relying on the 52 to get to the station, but service was disrupted by a fire in Crookes. Missed train and was forced to buy a single ticket for one leg of outward journey that cost nearly as much as entire return trip. Train was cold too. Not in a good mood, though did console myself with a nice cup of hot chocolate topped with squirty cream at Ely.

Planned to go into Norwich yesterday. Slept nearly all morning, but got things together after lunch and realized all I really wanted to do was to lie down for a while. Norwich trip abandonded for the day.

Delayed in effort to get to Norwich today as I wanted to tape the afternoon's showjumping. The video isn't attached to new digital telly and Mum was convinced they wouldn't work together. Ransacked Dad's collection of assorted cables to hook up video to telly and it all seemed to work. Haven't tried to watch video yet.
  Took ten minute lie-down after this, then caught bus to Norwich on grounds that if I didn't go today, I'd have to go on Xmas Eve, whcih seemed like a worse idea.

Had a very succesful shop, fortified by hot roast pork and stuffing sandwich from Hog Roast stall on the market. Got some nice books and assorted Xmas pressies for family. Found a tea and coffee shop which sold fancy chocolate bars and got one with nutmeg for Mum and one with vanilla and peppermint for me. They also had a chili one. Popped into Lakeland on way back to bus station and picked up some card-making stuff and a chef's candle for my nephew, who's doing a cookery course.

Collapsed on the bed when I got home and slept for an hour.

I plan to stay at home tomorrow, and potter about Wymondham on Monday.


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23rd Dec, 2007 02:37 (UTC)
Hi there - we've got some Christmas presents for you, we'll give them to you when you get back to Sheffield. Have a good time back home!
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