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Happy Xmas, Mr Landlord

I got a letter today from the nice council officer who visited at the beginning of the month. I'd contacted her about the fact that the council had served notice on the landlord some four years ago, telling him to install heating in my flat, which was never done.

The council officer inspected the flat, and has now written to the landlord, telling him that the excess cold of the flat constitutes a Class 1 hazard. He has to take steps to remedy the situation within four weeks. If he doesn't act, the officer can serve legal notice on him, and threatens to visit the flat for a more detailed inspection, which may show other items that require attention.

In the same letter, she also tells him to get the cooker wired in properly. He could have avoided this if he'd had a professional fit it in the first place, instead of making a half-assed job of it himself.

I love that the council send me copies of the letters they've sent to the landlord, so I know exactly what's supposed to happen. As it's so close to Xmas and the New Year, I can understand if it takes him a little longer than four weeks to get stuff done. I won't complain if it takes an extra week or two, so long as he's at least contacted me and got something organaized.

And now I have to email the landlord to tell him that the kitchen sink doesn't drain - or only just. I've tried chemical warfare, and Chris took the U-bend off this afternoon and had a good poke about, but the blockage is too far into the system for us to deal with it. It needs a professional plumber.

So that's a plumber, an electrician and a heating engineer he needs to sort out and pay for. Just about a month after he had a plumber to fix the toilet..

Have a happy Xmas, Mr Landlord


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19th Dec, 2007 16:43 (UTC)
Well - that's what you PAY a landlord to do!
It's not all profit!
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