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Deck the single-decker

The bus home from town today was suitably festive. The driver had a little tree with lights on the ticket machine, fairy lights on the window of his booth, and was wearing a full Father Christmas costume, complete with false beard. It was great. He also had a charity collecting tin attached to the ticket machine, which was a nice touch, although I didn't notice it until I was on my way out of the bus.

Xmas cards are all sorted now, apart from one. I handed out some to the D&D group yesterday and posted the rest of the paper ones this afternoon. The only paper one left is for Iain and Vikki, who may be coming over on Wed. In any case, Steve and Helen will be visiting and will see Iain and Vikki the next night at the Spitewinter concert at the Cathedral.
  After a bit of a struggle, I've managed to renew my membership at the e-card website I use. I was so charmed by one of the new cards, I sent it to half-a-dozen or so people. I was having problems logging into the site, as it kept claiming my browser wouldn't accept cookies, no matter how I adjusted the security settings. Their advice was to install Firefox, which I did. It all works fine now.

In other news:
Sheffield University trounced their opponents today in 'University Challenge' and are through to the quarter-finals. Yay and w00t !

(Bizarrely, the spell-checker which has come on automatically in Firefox - need to disable that - doesn't recognize 'yay' but is happy with  w00t !)


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18th Dec, 2007 04:58 (UTC)
That e-card is just adorable. I love the kitten.
18th Dec, 2007 14:19 (UTC)
I loved the way he skittered in and out of the book, without staying on the picture pages.
18th Dec, 2007 19:05 (UTC)
And leaving paw-prints the first time! So cute!
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