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Went out to the Hillsborough Hotel this evening. I quite enjoyed the walk down, which is literally a walk downhill. They don't have any cider on draught, annoyingly; the Weston's was only in 1 pint bottles, and as I'd been woozy with ear trouble all day, I didn't want a whole pint of the stuff. Had a nice pint of shandy instead.

 was nice to see  rhino_neil   again after his bout with chicken-pox; glad you're feeling better. Much discussion of current series of Dr Who.

Was in something of a dilemma over the journey home. It seems rather a waste to pay £1.20 to travel 3 stops on the tram, and then still have to face a 10-15 min walk uphill. On the other hand, walking all the way back up the hill is painful, and I'll be limping and miserable if I try. Luckily, ju_bear    and Paul got a lift home, and Paul gave me his dayrider ticket, so I didn't have to pay a tram fare. Thanks for that !

Popped into Jackson's on the way past to get cream, and found a half litre pot of fresh custard reduced to clear. So I had the last of the banana crumble with custard for supper. Tomorrow will be banana and raisins in custard. Sunday's supper depends on whether I go to Beanies and get more fruit. Otherwise, I might try raisins and Weetabix with custard.



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22nd Apr, 2007 12:32 (UTC)
Krissy offered the spare ticket to Paul (I had an all day ticket already as I was out all day with K) but as we got a lift back with Jo and Pete, Paul gave back ticket to Krissy and am glad you could use it.

Public transport is expensive, particularly for 3 stops to uni and a 52 bus up to crookes for us. :(
23rd Apr, 2007 13:17 (UTC)
I noticed that the Stagecoach 52 that runs to Hillsborough seems to keep running later than it used to. It used to stop going on to Hillsborough about 6.00pm,, I'm sure, but they were running after 6 the other week.

I do hope so, as that's a useful service.
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