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EU tinsel mountain

soul_riderlonghairedhippyand their offspring came round yesterday tro help with putting up my Xmas decorations, which is an annual tradition for us.

K and I decorated the tree with some help from EV, who was naturally rather excited by the whole business. We were helping her put fairly unbreakable things on the lower branches, where I have to put them anyway because of the cats, who like to steal shiny ornaments and play with them. After a little while, she got sent out of the way to help Daddy in the kitchen, as Ed was making a chicken stew.
  My tree has a mass of different kinds of ornaments and baubles on it. There's a nice fat robin, with a real feather tail, a little wooden rocking horse with wooly mane and tail, stars, bells, drums, and all kinds of pretty, shiny things. There's a set of glass candles that were a present from K, who is also responsible for a stained glass angel, two small German straw stars and a gold metal star), a flat wire Xmas tree that came on a card from Steve and Helen, a resin cat clutching a gingerbread fish that I got on holiday in Colorado, a lovely glass snowy owl I bought while staying with nextian_cutie and a resin wreath with the Empire State Building in the centre and a large bauble from Radio City Music Hall, decorated with a row of high-kicking Rockettes that I got in New York this year. No doubt the mix of colours, shapes and materials would give an interior designer a fit of the vapours, but I like it because it makes my tree seem personal.

After excellent chicken stew, we sent Ed up the stepladder as usual, to fasten tinsel and foil stars to the high beam. More lush tinsel was fixed to bookcases, the lower beam, the window, the door, pictures, the telly, and anything else that didn't move fast enough. (the cats had retreated to the safety of the games room, to avoid the toddler). I have masses of lovely thick tinsel, that I use instead of garlands. Gold, gold and chunky, gold and white, matte gold, matte red, bright red, silver, silver and chunky, silver with blue tint, silver and turquoise, green and gold, burgundy, red and gold, red, white and gold and one rope of gorgeous copper tinsel. I've managed to retrain from buying any more in the last couple of years, but I still seem to have a mountain of the stuff. Oh, well, could be worse :)

After K and LHH and EV left, I collapsed into a chair for a while. I put up some more tinsel and a few other things, Still have to apply the shiny window stickers and do garland around mirror in hall. I do like my Xmas decorations. The place looks so plain when I take them down.

It was lovely to see Chivers family again; I'm glad you made it over.


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13th Dec, 2007 01:01 (UTC)
Great to see you too - sorry Evie was being "wilful"...

She fell asleep almost as soon as we left your house and slept through being undressed, changed and put to bed. She woke up around 3am and cried, saying "Evie's in her cot! Evie's in her cot!" I told her she fell asleep in her pushchair and we'd put her to bed because it was bedtime, and she went back to sleep, bless her :-D
13th Dec, 2007 14:44 (UTC)
Evie wasn't much trouble really - no more than you'd expect from a lively two-year-old when exciting things are happening ('exciting' being pretty much anything that doesn't happen *every* day).

You could ask her what she did with the magnet I had on the front of the stove. The pic on it is of the original 'His Master's Voice' painting. It's not on the stove now, nor the fridge, nor to be seen anywhere else. Evie remains my chief suspect, but no doubt it will show up eventually...
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