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It's Alive !

First post from new pc using shiny new broadband connexion.

Gary is on phone to Iain B to see about borrowing an external hardrive to transfer data from old pc. Just been informed that Iain is drinking a cup of tea and will be on his way round. 

Iain doesn't know that the front door lock has been changed, so won't be able to let himself in as he usually does. Iain lives about 5 mins away and is official spare key holder and cat feeder. Still, when he gets here, I can give him the spare key for the new lock.

As promised, fed Gary with roast chicken which was so lovely and moist it just fell apart as I carved it. Plus mash with onion and flavoured with chicken juices, mushroom, garlic and thyme stuffing (courtesy of Paxo) and mixed veg. Ice cream for afters to celebrate.

New Stuff !



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9th Dec, 2007 23:51 (UTC)
For a moment I read that period after veg as denoting an abbreviation rather than a full stop, and was picturing mixed vegetable ice cream. Which I have to say I really didn't find all that appealing. Mind you, the capital I on ice cream did finally tip me off when I reread it.

Hmmm...I have some vanilla ice cream in my freezer which is now calling to me, especially as I also have some bittersweet chocolate fudge sauce to put on it. I think it's time for a snack.
10th Dec, 2007 15:39 (UTC)
I just read through the post again and saw that 'mixed veg ice cream' too. Oh well.
Gary had the last of the toffee with honeycomb bits, and I had cherry pavlova, which was lovely.
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