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The cupboard is no longer bare

Didn't go to the pub last night, mostly because I was expecting Gary to call at some point to take me shopping. We eventually did a late-night run out to Tesco on Abbeydale Road. I took the opportunity to take a load of plastic and glass to the recycling bins there, which means the kitchen looks less sordid now.

We had our usual leisurely meander around the store. I stocked up on various bulk items I'd been running low on: cat food, tinned stuff, freezer food for days when I'm too knackered to be bothered to cook, loo roll,  washing powder, bottles of squash and cartons of juice. Things like fruit, veg, bread, milk and cheese I can get locally, as I need it, and carry home without difficulty, but it's a blessing to be able to do a big shop and put it all in the boot of a car to get it home.
  I had a voucher for clubcard points if I spent £1 on biscuits. Now, I already have biscuits in stock, so hadn't intended to buy more, but the voucher would expire long before any extra biscuits would go off.  So I now have Rich Highland Shorties and All Butter Vanilla Biscuits in the cupboard.

There was spending on non-food goodies too. I've been wanting a new winter dressing-gown for a while. The ones I saw in M&S cost from £25+ and were either white (will invariably show cat hairs) or pastels, which I don't wear. The one I got from Tesco is a lovely cosy affair in a super-soft chocolate brown silky fleece, and has two good pockets. And it cost £15. That should see me through a fair few winters. I also got a V-neck long-sleeved T-shirt in cream, and some nice warm socks.

I've been waiting to find a nice digital radio alarm clock, and was tempted by one in Tesco's last night but didn't get it. There are a variety of digital radios about, but very few alarm clock radios. I found one that cost well over £50 and a cheaper one that had a tiny digital clock  on the front, that seemed to have been added as an afterthought. The one I saw last night has numbers I can actually read from a distance and cost £30. I might treat myself to one after Xmas.

When we got back, we revived ourselves with coffee and Eccles Cakes.

In non-shopping news: broadband has been activated on my line, so I can set up the new pc and make the switchover. The issue of transferring data from one machine to the other has been eased by bribing Gary with the offer of a roast chicken dinner tomorrow in return for him messing about with the hard drives.

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