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Shopping and Fury

No, not a comment on Christmas crowds.

I went into town this afternoon, starting my shopping trip on the Wicker, where I paid my first visit to the Space Centre since the floods. The shop is happily up and running again, though the floor looks a little rough. I picked up a copy of 'Fury', the new Star Wars novel, as they'd just got their American import copies in.
  From there, I walked back to town to the market, where I got some fruit, a minted lamb chop, Radio Times, fig rolls and lunch tongue. Resisted the temptation to buy any pic and mix. Went to the Wilkinsons a couple of doors up and got two large picture frames for the Chinese pics I brought back from New York. Then back to the markets to catch the 52 home. All in all it was a very successful shopping trip, not least for managing to get a variety of stuff from 3 places close to one another and to the bus stops.

Spent the evening reading 'Fury'. There is a lot to enjoy in it, and it really picks up speed towards the end, with fights, and family and something that took me completely by surprise.

Tycho ! How could you ? You know that Jacen isn't a worthy leader, and that he's disregarded the values you hold dear. You know that Centrepoint needs to be destroyed. How could you betray Luke, Leia, Han and Iella ! If Wedge had been in that position, he wouldn't have done it. He would have considered that acting honourably was more important than duty to a government that forced him to act dishonourably. That's the decision he reached on Adumar.

And Allston. How can you throw a bombshell like that and not have it properly resolved ? It's known on the Anakin Solo that Tycho gave a warning about enemies on the shuttle. Is Wedge going to find out ? How will he deal with it ? Karen Traviss isn't likely to tell us (although it could be one of the 'Revelation's suggested by her book's title) and that just leaves Troy Denning's book at the end of the series. Which surely is going to concentrate on other things. 
 AAAaaaaaaaaaaa !


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5th Dec, 2007 23:04 (UTC)
Oh, good, you found a copy!

Certainly provides us with a few discussion points, doesn't it?

While it's a bit frustrating we don't get more of an 'end' for the pilot characters (Denning's done Wedge in the past, so I'm have my fingers crossed) I do like that Tycho acted the way he did.

Wedge made his choice between duty and honour on Adumar, and he went with duty. Syal faces a similar choice when she and Wedge face the Rogues (which was an awesome scene) and she takes Wedge's and Tycho's and 'shoots anyone who disagrees with her'. Tycho, dear Alderaanian former Imperial pilot Tycho, chooses duty. We now have yet another differentiation between Tycho and Wedge.

But was the choice that wrong? Yes, it endagers his friends, and that contributes to the thought process. He even knows that it might keep Centerpoint from being destroyed. But he swore to serve the GA and has stood by them, unlike Wedge. Even Luke still swears the Jedi serve the GA, just not Jacen. Same as Tycho. When he was an Imp, he didn't mutitiny like Biggs and Hobbie and only jumped ship once he realised that there was no hope of an Empire without evil(revenge might have had a tiny bit to do with that). There's still hope for the GA. Similiar to his teacher, Fel. Also, his decision to issue the warning and the stun bolt are probably the only reasons he wasn't the one getting 'Vader'ed by Jacen at the end, the possiblity of which seriously crossed my mind.

And Wedge knows, as does Syal. They both figured it out when he took off after the shuttle instead of 'just flying around doing reconisance' like he said he was going to. And he knew he was being stupid, which is why he let Syal make her own choice. It was completly stupid and nearly got himself killed, which Wedge predicted it might, but it was his choice and I like it.

They'll still be friends if they survive this. That wonderful 'will you point your blaster at the other General' scene proved it. It's just that Iella might want to punch Tycho. Which would be fair considering Winter has punched Wedge ;)
6th Dec, 2007 01:45 (UTC)
I put the post up largely to let you know I'd got a copy, after saying I didn't want to hear you gloating about reading it before I did. So thank you for your restraint.

In many ways I can understand why Tycho felt the need to perform his duty, whatever the cost. He is a sworn officer of the GA, and his oath to protect the GA means a lot to him.
On the other hand, he has in the past been willing to commit treason. In 'Rebel Dream' he took part in the formation of the Insiders, even after Mara pointed out that misappropriating government muntions and materiel and giving them to a private force was treason.

We know that Wedge feels very strongly about keeping oaths. He defies and infuriates Thracken Sal-Solo by refusing to encourage Syal to break her oaths to the GA. However, on Adumar he was willing to reject his duty to obey his superiors if he was ordered to perform live-fire duels. In that case he would put his honour first. And in one of the Thrawn novels (I think it's 'Dark Force Rising') Wedge disobeys the order to abandon Luke and Han with the Katana Fleet, and puts his friends first.

I think in 'Fury', Wedge would be disappointed in Tycho, though understanding. As you say, he knew that Tycho intended to act as a GA officer should. After all, he took the precaution of having Tycho's comboard slaved so Tycho couldn't communicate with the GA forces and warn them of the trick with the shuttle. He may have hoped that Tycho would simply do some reconaissance and then return to his own fleet, neither helping nor hindering his friends. No matter how well he understood Tycho's need to fulfil his duty, it must have hurt Wedge to know for sure that Tycho would put Iella at risk. If she'd been captured alive, she'd have been interrogated and most likely executed.
Of course, he knows it hurt Tycho to do it, and Tycho did manage to get Syal back to Wedge as liaison.
I think you're right in that Wedge and Tycho's friendship will survive, but it will be a little dented for a while
6th Dec, 2007 02:06 (UTC)
That's okay. I've been waiting for someone to talk pilots with.

Yeah, Iella in danger might be enough to make a bit of a dent. Let the angst!fics begin!

Tycho's choice probably wasn't the best, but at least Allston is in touch with the character enough it can be reasoned with. Although I'd like to rough him up a bit for giving the Rakes vs Rogues battle entirely in Syal's perspective. Her perception of facing the Rogues reputation was great, but a part of me wanted the Wedge!angst for, in all likelyhood, being the first pilot to ever kill a Rogue Leader. He basically vaped everything he's ever worked for. The Rogues, the Alliance. But not his family. Which is a bit ironic considering how long it took him to refind one.

Oh, and yay! for Wes and Tyria cameos and a sort of yay for poor Cheriss! I finally have a bit of canon-Valin to work with! And I loved that Myri is taking after her namesake and continuing to give Wedge more grey hairs! *Hugs Allston for giving the girls character in such little page time!*
7th Dec, 2007 03:46 (UTC)
I loved Syal's line about Myri selling off chunks of the Death Star as souveniers. What with that and Wedge's comment about Myri earning a fortune gambling, she does seem to be taking after 'Grandad' Booster and Auntie Mirax. And while she's on the Errant Venture, Booster is probably taking the chance to teach her the kind of tricks he taught Wedge, like the one about forcing the buyer's choice that Wedge uses with the data cores in 'Wedge's Gamble'.
I think Wedge could be right. With her Intelligence training and smuggler training, Myri could well end up as the first rich Antilles. I'd just love to read more about her adventures post-LotF. Her poor daddy will have no idea whether to be proud of her or develop more grey hairs.
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